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  1. CaseyRafter

    Episode 2222 - Rob Reiner

    He may never be on again, but I hope Reiner can make a Pardcastathon. This was a delight. I could tell he was just kinda along for the ride but it was still a joy.
  2. CaseyRafter

    Episode 4 - Lauren Ash

    she and Zach. two great guests in a row. Lauren is a delight.
  3. Very mysterious, yam.
  4. Possibly my favorite plugs theme. At least in recent (5 minutes) memory. Any use of that Pet Shop Boys parody is ok by me.
  5. Helpful! Thanks, Dan
  6. No idea if there's even a way to find this out, but does anyone know if any of the plug bag themes OR the catchphrase suggestions were by celebs, famous peeps, former guests, etc?
  7. CaseyRafter

    Episode 62.5 — 2/10/12 TWO CHARTED

    I love this idea (so far) MUCH better than reg episodes even! At least the charts are more my style. I love that HKs chart starts with The Darkness. LOVED that band.
  8. CaseyRafter

    Episode 228 — Acapella Cuddle Puddle

    Still trailing far behind and working my way through all the episodes from 1 on. This may be my favorite episode of 2013. Hodgeman, Ice-T, and Scott in a room together is such harmony I can barely take it. ALSO, I was listening to this on the way home last night and they mentioned Tom Petty. Tom Petty died last night. i was creeped out. All of the "My wife"s, "It's Been", "It's been a while", etc. LOVED it. A can't believe we got a bonus Mr. Marshall call. Three cheers.
  9. "Approximately 358,263" ... "That's a huge amount...that's basically farting all day long" "I know. It's not a long fart. it's several short steccato bursts" "I would add that that adds up to a massive fart" Never grow up, Scott & Scott
  10. This is a very hard episode to hear almost a year late, in the wake of the person who actually "won" the presidency. Oof. Great laughs, though.
  11. CaseyRafter

    Episode 215 — Time Bobby 2

    I dare say I'll never want to listen to this and BNL used to be my favorite band
  12. CaseyRafter

    Episode 211 — April Fools!

    Been a while! Agreed 100% Now I need an underwear change
  13. CaseyRafter

    Episode 49 — Pop Quiz

    Never Not Funny is that show
  14. CaseyRafter

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    Oh how I miss lil Gary