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    Episode 423 - Time Bobby 4

    I'm 95% sure that's been said on Never Not Funny whenever Matt says something stupid, and Jimmy asks if he's Elliot. Not sure about another time on this show though.
  2. NickWoodfin

    Episode 422 - The WoodyVerse

    Scott's Foley work on anything related to eating or highly viscous fluid is literally causing the Smile Train kids' cleft palate surgeries to re-open.
  3. I feel like John missed an opportunity to say he told Phil he wanted to hold his hand.
  4. NickWoodfin

    Episode 1811 - Paul Reiser

    Well there's a couple of examples about why people get mad about the political talk early in this show. Garren equates being conservative to being a horrible racist, and then being religious is equated with being crazy when talking about one of the other Baldwins. Yeah there's people out there that live to complain who probably shouldn't be listening to the show. Personally, I find that 95% of the show is extremely enjoyable, but I'll admit that this year has been rough to listen to because of the political talk. And not because it's taking up a lot of space, but just because I have your viewpoints in the back of my mind while I'm listening to the rest of the episode. And my problem isn't even with your viewpoints. It's the continued insistence that you guys don't know anything about politics followed up by the clear opinion that half of the political world is 100% wrong. That attitude is the reason that the system is as screwed up as it is.
  5. NickWoodfin

    EPISODE 373 — Vocal Fry

    Pretty sure I now know that the Better Call Saul theme starts with a G# major chord.
  6. NNF remains the only podcast that I've never bailed on before the end of an episode. But man was that streak close to being over with this one.