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  1. screa2008

    Hardcore Henry (2016)

    Interesting concept, but it can't really sustain itself for 96 minutes IMHO. Still, would love to hear them do this one.
  2. screa2008

    Shoot 'em Up (2007)

    YES! This would be a good one to do in the tradition of the gang's discussions of the Nevildine & Taylor films. Would love to hear a Blake Harris interview with director Michael Davis, too.
  3. screa2008

    Ski Patrol (1990)

    This would be a good one; it thinks it's funny, but it is TERRIBLE! T.K. Carter and George Lopez's impressions of Rodney Dangerfield followed by a *literal* record scratch are enough of a WTF?! moment for me.
  4. screa2008

    Eragon (2006)

    My roommate in Korea took us to see this because she loved the series as well, and I think that her reaction was pretty much the same. This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, not even enjoyably bad, just BAD.
  5. screa2008

    Cherry 2000 (1987)

    Also, this could easily be paired for a live double feature with Miracle Mile (1988) from the same writer/director, Steve De Jarnatt (now that's someone I'd love to hear Blake Harris interview, too). Plus, Miracle Mile has a soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. I know that HDTGM has kind of blown their wad already this year on post-apocalyptic LA, but both of these would be fun movies to do.
  6. screa2008

    Return to Oz (1985)

    This movie scared the SHIT out of me as a kid! But it's actually pretty enjoyable, IIRC: the moose bed, the wheelers, the heads, the Nome King. Definitely in the creepy-as-fuck-but-amazing kids' movies camp.
  7. screa2008

    Naked Weapon (2002)

    This movie NEEDS the HDTGM treatment! Please, someone, help me bump this up the forum ladder!
  8. screa2008

    Cherry 2000 (1987)

    YES! Please, please, please do this movie. And the time is right: it takes place in 2017. Melanie Griffith's "acting" is atrocious. Laurence Fishburne has a small role, as does the guy who played Leonard in Blade Runner. Jason's reaction to the club scene where they discuss the "oral clause" being "sticky" alone would make it a worthy episode!
  9. Idea for a film: Along the lines of "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," an Avengers/Justice League hero movie with classic radio serial and comic strip characters. Who would you include? The Shadow The Phantom Prince Valiant The Lone Ranger Dick Tracy Buck Rogers Flash Gordon and Mark fucking Trail!
  10. Also, in every scene with Penelope Ann Miller, if you imagine Alec Baldwin as the scout leader from SNL it's 1000 times creepier (and the Kenny G-esque score makes more sense...)
  11. I think that they touched upon the fact that it's ridiculous that the Shadow needs a disguise in the episode, but I'm curious why when Lamont puts on that red scarf his face changes entirely! It's like Alec Baldwin turns into a fatter Billy Baldwin, a.k.a. Daniel Baldwin...
  12. screa2008

    The Shadow (1994)

    I second 24 Hour Pizza Party!
  13. screa2008

    Down Periscope (1996)

    Oh, and how could I forget! A Village People music video over the end credits, singing "In the Navy": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmiqRaQadoY
  14. screa2008

    Down Periscope (1996)

    This movie has a cast that is way too talented for it: Bruce Dern, William H. Macy, Rip Torn, Harry Dean Stanton! And also Harland Williams, Lauren Holly, Kelsey Grammer, Rob Schneider, Patton Oswald (in a tiny role), Toby Huss. And then you've got one of the most annoying villains in Survivor history, and the dude who played Kyle in Above the Rim. Rob Schneider chews scenery like a mo fo. Lauren Holly's character sets women's rights back about 50 years. Toby Huss does his Frank Sinatra impression on multiple occasions. There is an entire scene oriented around a fart, and another that is a ridiculous "walk the plank" scenario. And a piece of spliced footage of a submarine breaching that is definitely not theirs. And so much more. It has a plot, but there're zero stakes for any of the characters (at least not really). This is one of those movies that screams 90s to me. I think that the font was even the same as Crimson Tide! I keep expecting Kelsey Grammer to say, "Go ahead, I'm listening."
  15. screa2008

    The Trust (2016)

    I think that it's been far too long since HDTGM did a Nic Cage film. And The Trust is PEAK Cage! OPEN IT! OPEN IT!