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    EPISODE 146 — Moon Festival Pt. 2

    These episodes are amazing and fun. Please bring Blaine back as a character, I miss him but never ever ever ever ever want to even think about the Giants again!
  2. Brokentool

    EPISODE 141 — Sand Holes

    Hello Everyone. I want to start by saying I've recommended this show to a lot of my friends and I don't mean to just be negative. I actually signed up for Earwolf just to write this. I really think you guys need some sort of direction or something because these episodes have gotten so boring that while I used to listen for the D&D now I am actually disappointed when you start playing. While I loved Blaine as a player, and I appreciate him stepping up as DM while Sark is having a baby and whatever else - his campaign has been indescribably boring. The party has not been able to speak to anyone, has no direction or goal, and honestly each week I root for the party to wipe out so a new scenario can start. I miss his character that kept mentioning his charisma and I miss all the commercials (I did like 'Flops this week). I miss the campaign that literally included anything happening ever. I can summarize the last however many weeks as 'everyone flies around on a carpet for no reason in a place I don't care about.' You guys are really funny and I will keep listening, but holy shit. You know something is up when people are begging a group of comedians to make up a reason to roll more dice and report the numbers. Thoughtfully, A long time listener