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    The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

    I just watched all 5 of these over the last few weeks.. while they would all make pretty good HDTGM episodes.. (3 and 4 less so) the final one Rave to the Grave had some awesome content and just crazy scenes/dialogue. They were going for campy I assume... Also what was up with ROTLD 2 having those same 2 actors playing infected humans again and then being all "it feels like this is all familiar" lol... that was so weird.
  2. JayDrive

    G.I. Joe: Retaliation

    Yeah I had a WTF moment about that when I saw it - seriously... no one is going to mention this?
  3. JayDrive

    What film got you into the FORUM?

    I wanted to join ages ago, but didn't want to join without being up to date lol.. hearing the corrections and omissions is what made me want to join, not necessarily any particular movie I think.
  4. JayDrive

    What film got you into the podcast?

    Really can't remember.. I was on an adultswim bender and into NTSF.. so likely I looked up Paul on Wikipedia and found a reference to it there. Took me quite a while to get up to date. I didn't start actually watching the movies (that I hadn't already seen) until Fair Game. So it took me longer to get up to date (which only happened on the Furious 7 episode recently). Might go back and watch the movies I still haven't seen.. only just saw Road House for the first time a few days ago...
  5. JayDrive

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

    I just started watching the most recent movie TCM 3D - and it has a re-hash of the first movie at the start - I hadn't watched the first movie for some time and had forgotten about all the similarities, so yeah can see how #2 would be the canon one. Interestingly Bill Mosely has a cameo in TCM 3D - but it has nothing to do with TCM 2 or chop top.
  6. JayDrive

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

    Good point. I just watched 3 and 4 in the last day while sick/working from home. 3 is an alright horror movie, nothing too out there really. 4 was kinda boring, but had some crazy moments.. 3-4 seemed like they were trying to have some connection.. but the person making that connection wasn't paying attention and just went yep well this will do I guess. I saw the 2003 one when it first came out.. just started it again.. and then there's like 3 more... I am assuming they will be awful in a bad way.. we'll see... I don't know why I decided to watch all of these, until now I had only seen the original and the remake.
  7. JayDrive

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

    I just finished watching this today, and completely agree this would make a great pick for the show. From the two guys at the start, to Leatherface grinding against his chainsaw to Dennis Hopper cutting down an amusement park piece by piece with a chainsaw... this was awesome. I just started chainsaw 3, it appears that #2 is just a random non canon (if there is such a thing in texas chainsaw land) entry?
  8. JayDrive

    EPISODE 118 - Furious 7: LIVE

    Hi all, long time listener - finally caught up with the podcast (now sad I've heard them all!) Not sure if already brought up, only looked back through about half the replies. Why did that guy even sell the speed chip, was it some sort of special chip... couldnt he have used another one that a friend hadn't given him for safekeeping. Why couldn't he just contact the billionaire and be all "so um that chip has been recalled I'll come replace it with a new one". Also the warehouse fight bugged me, you know thats where Deckard is, why the hell would you take the god's eye to that location, you dont need to track him any more! That guy is using it like a video game minimap. If you really wanted to make sure he didnt leave - leave the gods eye with Ramsey back at HQ and have her talk to the team via earpieces. After all that effort to retrieve God's eye, now it's lost... and Kurt Russel seems to not give a shit at all, "welp I'm outta here with Socom, good luck Dom see ya thanks for getting me God's eye for the afternoon" Of course I know these are all just movie logic to keep the plot going or make an interesting set piece, but just stood out to me. Loved this movie, I loved all 7 tbh, even 2-3! I have a high tolerance though.. saw Pixels on fathers day (au) and didnt think it deserved all the hate - but it could be a future candidate for hdtgm!