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    Episode 160 - The Lake House: LIVE!

    I like to think June would have had the same sensitivity as me to the way Kate's mum was eating that sandwich in Daley Plaza. I found it so gross and upsetting.
  2. PushkinThunderLiger

    Episode 160 - The Lake House: LIVE!

    I don't think this got mentioned in the episode, but right before "The Sneeze" as she's writing the letter warning about the snow and everyone getting sick, Sandy B takes out a photo of herself playing in the snow in March 2004. She shows it to Jack and says "Remember that day? You were not happy", as if she owned Jack then. But we see Jack is living with Keanu at the lake house in March 2004 when it snows. So either she is just presuming what Jack's mood was two years before she owned her, or Jack is omnipresent. JACK. IS. GOD.
  3. PushkinThunderLiger

    EPISODE 125 - Steel: LIVE!

    Did Steel actually swing his hammer at any point in this movie, or do anything hammer-like with it? I get that the character is meant to be a reference to the folk hero John Henry, but for how he uses it in the course of the film there is no reason for it to be a hammer. He mostly just uses it to shoot lasers out of the bottom, and switch on his electromagnet. Would a laser gun and a button not have been more convenient, not to mention lightweight? Also I can't tell if "Big Willy" the arcade manager was meant to be more social commentary, were people blaming video games for gun violence as early as 97, and his scheme was just a very literal portrayal of it?
  4. PushkinThunderLiger

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    Yeah I definitely thought the biker boyfriend was being set up as Dade's love rival and they'd end up squaring off at some point in the movie, but nope, nothing happens. I can only assume he ended up with Dade's dad in the blackhole of stuff that seems like it's going to become a subplot of the film but goes nowhere.
  5. PushkinThunderLiger

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    I'm not sure if it's the fault of the movie, or if it's down to my poor knowledge of 1995 computers and hacking, but the relationship the hackers have with paper confused me so much. When Wendell Pierce hands the police file on Dade to Eugene, he's disgusted and says "Ugh, hardcopy" as if physical media and data is the most repugnant thing to a hacker. But the good guy hackers seem to love paperwork. The hacking montage where they discover the worm that Eugene had hidden shows more and more paper being printed off by them as the montage goes on, until pretty much the whole room is covered. When Phantom Phreak dreams he's getting arrested he tries to destroy evidence, which seems to mostly involve ripping up sheets of paper. Plus there's the whole bit where Dade is identifying books on hacking and computers at Cyberdelia. So what's the deal? Oh, and Johnny Lee Miller was totally trying to portray someone with Asperger's, right?
  6. PushkinThunderLiger

    EPISODE 256 — Knock Ups

    Yeah, something along the lines of this would be good. I still enjoyed this weeks episode, but the cramstuffing of the host charts and the pop culture charts going simultaneously just seemed to leave kind of watered down versions of each. I'm guessing the show has to be in three segments for the ads, so the first segment could be like you said, just Wie, Ku and Stard catching up on their week like the first segment of Never Not Funny. It could be just be free-form chat or something like taking turns as chart entries like with their questions in the current guest chart. And the listener audio-clip question could go in here instead of just at a random point during a TV or movie chart. Then the second segment could introduce the guest and together they do a pop culture chart. If they rotated between music/movies/TV/etc each week they'd be more likely to have a whole new set of entries by the week they come back round to each chart. Plus it would give the guest a chance to ease into the conversation and vibe of the show before they go into the guest chart for the last segment like they currently have.
  7. PushkinThunderLiger

    EPISODE 250.5 — 9/18/15 TWO CHARTED 189

    Trying to tie down Howard for extra time alone at Job-site on his own seems like a challenge. At some point Whooch is going to become like Opie & Anthony or Kevin & Bean, with Howard just transmitting from Dragon Manor to the studio to avoid Job-site.
  8. PushkinThunderLiger

    EPISODE 249 — Wrecking Ball Improv