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    47 Ronin (2013)

    I'm surprised to not find this already listed. Its a big budget film, relatively recent, with a strange should-have-seen-it-coming misstep (Reeves thrown into the story as half-Japanese) and it apparently failed to earn what was spent to film it. Throw in a panicked production with re-writes, edits and no advanced screenings. Sound like the hosts could have fun with it.
  2. RouseWorld

    EPISODE 119 - Maximum Overdrive: LIVE!

    Isn't this movie like making a film about World War II where the main characters get captured in the first few minutes, spend most of the film in a POW camp, escape to Switzerland, and then someone says, 'D-Day, atomic bomb, the good guys win.'? I think there is potentially a fun film here if you just make the main characters people who aren't dummies trapped at a truck stop. Let's see the people who figure out what's going on, find the UFO, get politicians to work with the Russians, etc. That seems like a much more interesting film. Either that, or like the hosts said, do this as a play with all of the machines and violence off-stage. So it's sort of a Waiting for Godot thing where the characters talk about what is the definition of a machine and who made who. :-) (Five Stars!)