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    EPISODE 119 - Maximum Overdrive: LIVE!

    What struck me about this movie is that the physics made no sense in several places: 1) When the kid is riding his bike down the street right after we see the dead dog with the mini car in its mouth (28:35), a man is shown who had crashed his car head-on into a tree, but he is slumped out of the side window. This would never happen in reality because he would be slumped onto the steering wheel. 2) When the man who was blinded by gasoline is hit by the truck (32:50), he is hit head on, but is then shown rolling on his side in a direction perdpendicular to the trucks's motion. This would also never happen in reality because he would continue in the direction of the truck. 3) My favorite moment is when Yeardley Smith and her new husband drive their car through the ring of trucks (43:25), they get hit and the car flips upside down. He crawls out of the car and goes over to her window where she should be shown in her seat, upside down, but instead is shown sitting upright on the ceiling of the overturned car. She was stuck in her seat and asking for help getting out, so it would have been impossible for her to flip herself into that position.