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    Shivers (1975)

    It's also the sales pitch that sold me on my first condo.
  2. MattPunchman

    Shivers (1975)

    http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0073705/ The residents of a suburban high-rise apartment building are being infected by a strain of parasites that turn them into mindless, sex-crazed fiends out to infect others by the slightest sexual contact.
  3. MattPunchman

    EPISODE 119 - Maximum Overdrive: LIVE!

    did anyone else notice Laura Harrington's hair goes from wavy to perm after having sex with Emilio Estevez?
  4. MattPunchman

    EPISODE 119 - Maximum Overdrive: LIVE!

    Would Maximum Overdrive had been better if Nickolas Cage wrote it?