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    Episode 129.5 - Minisode 129.5

    I flipped out when Paul mentioned "You Must Remember This"! I love that freaking podcast! They're covering McCarthyism and the Blacklist right now, and it's just so fascinating to hear about all the real life shit that went down during the Red Scare. Lots of audio clips from the real Congressional hearings, where basically they paraded the accused in front of the press and shouted them down or cut them off when they refused to answer questions about their membership in the Communist party. Also, lots of juicy stuff about the craziest, most drug-addled, most deviant movie stars this side of LiLo, and all the blatantly criminal goings-on that the studios were able to cover up. Basically just shit you can't believe actually happened. I didn't even know she covered the Manson murders, I may have to check it out. Although I have to admit ... I'm a little scared. Also, in response to Paul's question -- I used to work in jewelry production, where you're sitting hunched over a desk for 8 hours and really benefit from a good calisthenics routine. I don't work there anymore but still watch the video and do the exercise every day. This is it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1P14yBmfK-0 I have so far converted my boyfriend and another employer into doing this with me. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! Or something. Seriously, just try it, it feels great
  2. CindyPeng

    Episode 129 - The Apple: LIVE!

    I thought only including one tiny horn (which looked like it was stolen from some little girl's unicorn plush) was a way of making the horns "go" with the rest of Bond Villain Dracula's costume. Or the right horn kept falling off and they were just like, f*ck it. Overall I LOVED the costumes, from the shiny thongs to the nun's habits.
  3. CindyPeng

    Episode 129 - The Apple: LIVE!

    Something that I think deserves mentioning -- the Japanese have been broadcasting daily calisthenics exercises (only a few minutes long) over the national radio station for over 80 years and many employers and schools there have it twice a day. There are videos on Youtube of construction workers doing it on site in Japan and Google even made a video of actors wearing suits spelling out Google's logo and doing the calisthenics to celebrate the anniversary of the first radio broadcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou-bM6mPrGY I know of all this because a former coworker of mine used to play the calisthenics video every day and we'd all do the exercise at the office once a day in the afternoon. And, you know ... it's really quite useful to help you relax and stretch during the workday! Although after watching this movie, I will never see the calisthenics the same way again. I do kind of wonder if the screenwriter knew about this practice and were inspired to create BIM Hour. Or if BIM Hour is based on something much more sinister, like the forced calisthenics practiced on Jews during the Third Reich.
  4. CindyPeng

    Episode 128 - Streets of Fire: LIVE!

    "It's well known that Rick Moranis is a bit of a ass hole here in Canada, so much so that it's become a derogative term. used in a sentenced like " don't go all Moranis on me now. " you would say to a wife or a guy that got on your nerves " So long as we are throwing shade on the actors of this film, I fell down a Wikipedia rabbit hole looking stuff up on this film and found Michael Pare's "Fan Site," which is amazingly horrible in a delightfully unselfconscious way. It has a 3 page incomplete autobiography by Pare which includes the story of how Pare borrowed a teamster captain's car while looking for an apartment, racked up a bunch of parking tickets that he threw away, then watched the car's owner get arrested for the tickets in front of him and never apologized. Also, this 3-part bio (in which EVERY instance of a free meal on a TV or movie company's tab is documented) just sort of ends with him getting a manager. " Joyce became my unofficial Manager. She was under contract to ABC at the time." THE END. Maybe I'm crazy, but I just got a kick out of the whole experience of this site. http://michaelpare-fanclub.com
  5. Hi! Relative nub to the forum, just watched the Cannon doc and had seen Confessions a while back. The doc didn't really go anywhere, but the impersonators (especially Superman) were kind of charming in their delusions. I actually felt so bad for Superman when he lost that impersonator contest in...Kansas?Some rural town. Living near Times Square, I see the creepy Elmos and Buzz Lightyears in their dirty costumes and believe me, the LA street impersonators are not nearly as bad as their NYC counterparts.
  6. CindyPeng


    1000 times YES this movie. Kind of like The Room in that it's so terrible and SO convinced it's cool, plus the whole floppy disk Taxi Driver scene was unforgettable. Am I going to draw ire by drawing a comparison between this movie and The Room? I hope not. Not nearly the level of batshit crazy of Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece, just similar in its amazingly misguided confidence.
  7. CindyPeng

    Guests I'd Love To Hear of HDTGM

    Oops! My bad.
  8. CindyPeng

    What film got you into the FORUM?

    Ooh, probably! But the main episode, or the mini episode? Augh, I gotta go back and check now
  9. CindyPeng

    Guests I'd Love To Hear of HDTGM

    Kumail Nanjiani would be hilarious. Otherwise, can we bring Drew Droege back? Loved his commentary on Liz and Dick.
  10. CindyPeng

    A Deadly Adoption (2015)

    Watched this hoping for more laughs than it yielded. There were a few great moments, but honestly I felt like it was played too straight. Definitely not a "good" bad movie imo, unfortunately. As a former book publishing employee I did enjoy the book tour jokes, but otherwise this movie left me kind of cold.
  11. CindyPeng

    What film got you into the FORUM?

    Just joined the forums, like, a minute ago, but have been obsessed with HDTGM for months now and have gotten the boyfriend and several friends hooked. Actually, I would say that the forum-submitted Nundercover sequel descriptions got me into the forums. The high quality of those fictional movie descriptions convinced me that these were forumgoers worth knowing! (have forgotten now which movie was actually being analyzed when the idea for Nundercover was first conceived ... oh well).