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  1. Sklar Brothers For Reals


    The Bearcat Scanner and or fuzz buster is a must. And a whole line of black market tasers. Staind, God and the Kardashians. This got real, really fast.
  2. Sklar Brothers For Reals

    EPISODE 281 — Temporary WCW Champion: David Arquette

    totally baffling. Can't believe we didn't know it either. He was a really quality dude. He didn't die, we just like talking about him in the past tense.
  3. Sklar Brothers For Reals


    We were just "f" ing around attributing that to Rush. Although, can you deny that Neil Peart is a modern day bard? You CAN"T! He's as close as we can get, what a god damned song writer. Someone just tweeted us that we should get Rush on the podcast. We'd lose our minds. Thanks for being addicted to the pod. We love it when that happens. Keep listening. Keep participating on these message boards and of course, Henderson!
  4. Sklar Brothers For Reals

    EPISODE 280 — Roastmode

    haha! Great title.
  5. Sklar Brothers For Reals


    How great is Hampton? He just falls into it so easily. A short hand. We've been writing comedy with that guy forever. He's just the best joke guy around because he's always thinking of the overall construction of things. Great to see his mind work and MST3K is a perfect fit for him, all the way!
  6. Sklar Brothers For Reals

    EPISODE 279 — Inside the NFL

    thank you!!! Loved MJD. He will be back for sure. Consider him part of the Sklarbro family at this point. We loved having him on. As soon as we worked with him at NFL Network we knew he'd be great for the pod. He really was so honest. Loved that.
  7. Sklar Brothers For Reals


    Eugene is really an artist. Always seen him that way. He just comes at everything in such an interesting way. And he's the sweetest dude on the planet.
  8. Sklar Brothers For Reals

    EPISODE 277 — Crossing the Wine

    Great points to keep in mind, re: Tinder and crossing age lines. Not sure where this special will go and maybe it's material that other comedians would do. Honestly, we fear that more than we fear doing a bit about technology that might segment our audience, because we talk about sports to people in our audience who know nothing about sports. It's all about explaining it. But good to keep in mind. Thank you for your feedback on this. Also, we just found out the fight tinder Rumblr is a hoax so we probably won't do the bit.
  9. Sklar Brothers For Reals

    EPISODE 277 — Crossing the Wine

    Judah is the best. A LONGTIME friend who really opened up to us on this podcast. His book of drawings is incredible. And without being overt, incredibly revealing. We really meant what we said on the pod about after reading the book, feeling like we had spent some time in his head. Truly awesome. Proud of this ep. Hope you guys dig it. Plus, let us know about the fight tinder take at the beginning. We feel like it could be the last piece to our new stand up special.
  10. Sklar Brothers For Reals

    EPISODE 271 — Muskot Love

    How psyched are you, still?
  11. Sklar Brothers For Reals

    EPISODE 274 — Tie Up Your Horse and Tie One On

    Amazing Article!!! Holy shit that said it so well. And from someone who is gay and a Mets fans. That's just the best. We really want to know what a person like that is thinking. What are the issues they are grappling with and reading the article, we totally get how complicated an issue it is. I loved how that person said, "maybe religion has to evolve more." Hold on a second, religion is the one force that tries it's hardest to suppress evolution. Creationists? Hello!!! But I like the hope in the article. I still think that person is giving Daniel Murphy too much of a pass. Just our humble opinions. And how sweet would it be if Daniel Murphy at some point in the near future, reversed his statements? That would be incredible. We can only hope. So glad about the discussions of the episodes. It's so fun to talk with you guys post episode. R and J
  12. Sklar Brothers For Reals

    EPISODE 276 — Bruges Traveler

    We are now doing the Why isn't Rocky doing a Philly accent in our stand up as a way to sneak Phiwee Guy into the act. We tried it in Denver and got a great response. Hopefully we can hone it and it will be on our next special.
  13. Sklar Brothers For Reals


    Not Besser. Earl Skakel. But that's a credit to Besser that any time you are even 5% suspicious, you immediately think Besser is up to something. Hilarious. Love it!
  14. Sklar Brothers For Reals


    Great points all the way around about the homeowners insurance stuff. Maybe this woman was put in a bad position. Makes you hate insurance companies for not having a clause for this sort of thing. LIke couldn't this be filed under a freak family accident thing. She would still get the insurance money but she wouldn't have to accuse her nephew of anything. Insurance companies probably use that to their advantage. "She won't name her nephew in the suit." OR WILL SHE?!!!!
  15. Sklar Brothers For Reals


    Whip and Nay Nay!!!!!!!!! Want that to be in Dan's head forever.