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    Episode 362 - Halt and I'll Type You

    She was already in the whooch HOF. Her 1st appearance on whooch (I believe it was around Christmas 2013) has to be my favorite comedy podcast episode ever, and I listen to so many hours of podcasts to get through my work week. That story about Kremer's superhero gang is one of the funniest stories that I've ever heard... "We came through the woods; we ran in formation" haha it's too bad the classic episodes are behind the pay wall now. Ah well, I'm looking forward to listening to this episode.
  2. ROT-CEE_member

    Episode 296 - Nextasy

    "It's crazy. It's like if you had the Oscars in a garbage dump. Like, your getting all the best people together and throwing them into the trash." Ouch! I don't know how many Brazilian chartists you had before this episode, but I'm guessing the Brazilian chartist count is now equal to the amount of chartists you have living on Saturn.
  3. ROT-CEE_member

    Episode 20 - Kyle Bornheimer - Spotlight On: Gary Wasikowski

    So, Wompsters Inc has never been to hill 16; hill 16 is the place to go for hand jobs, and she hasn't seen Gutterdong in months? Hmmm... That poor Wompler is never gonna get over scissoring that 'man-chanical pencil' on the wrestling mats at Spookfest
  4. ROT-CEE_member

    Womp It Up Guests....

    The Round Mound of DiGiorno-town should talk to her pal Phil Hendrie and see if he can get Chris Norton to do the show. A Chris Norton appearance on Womp It UP could be really, really good... As long as Chris doesn't refer to Wompsters Inc as "bush pig" or "double bagger". RC Collins would probably be good as well.
  5. ROT-CEE_member

    EPISODE 254.5 — 10/16/15 TWO CHARTED 193

    If Kulap doesn't have a hour or so a week to record Twooch, then Kremer should find another co-host. He shouldn't have any trouble finding another person to read the charts for him. I like Kulap ok, but nearly 100 percent of the laughs come from Kremer, whooch guest, and Stard. I really hope the new format doesn't become whooch and plugs.
  6. ROT-CEE_member

    EPISODE 378 — Mailer Daemon

    MIcro Peenerman
  7. ROT-CEE_member

    EPISODE 377 — Good Night In The Morning

    Lauren Lapkus was 'fwiggin' hilarious again. Oh, and Scum Birtherman Twit Tinfoilman Tea Baggerman