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  1. Mary and Lauren, It has famously been said that "Wild horses couldn't drag me away". Have you and your teammates ever actually tried to drag Mick Jagger away, and do you think that you could.
  2. Question for all guests: has it been an honour being on the last episode of Hollywood Handbook?
  3. Hi Paul, How do you feel about the fact that the popular toys "Shopkins" are clearly profiting off the cachet attached to the Paul F Shopkins name?
  4. Excited to finally see Doughboys dive into the undersea market!
  5. Jen, I recently found out that my patronus is a salmon. Of all the sea creatures, why do you think that one represents me the most? Am I doomed to be eaten by a bear? What is your patronus? If you haven't done the test, why not? Your friend, Lizzy
  6. PS Larry I was worried about that too but honestly it's just great and weird and funny. Also Cody fuckin kills it that episode.
  7. Jen, how do you make sure people love comedy?
  8. But for real, we are gonna need to see a picture of your d
  9. lizzy

    Harris After Dark Week 1

    Weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiird choice of title, guys.
  10. Holy shit, I was just going to reply to this with a picture of Herbie, you know, that car that had adventures? But after seeing the continuation of Henry's journey (and the conclusion of Jeffrey's classic bit), I'm going to have to take stock. Reassess some things.
  11. I KNEW my crows would lead me to victory. a sparkly leather suit filled with crows can take on anything, and that's not even mentioning the beer.
  12. CMB, can I please draft an army of crows? Or at least a murder?
  13. Congrats Jeff on having an entire page to yourself! Congrats Sean and Hayes for a stellar final episode of Hollywood Handbook!