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  1. HF Concorde

    EPISODE 256 — Knock Ups

    I agree with the emerging consensus--the new format needs tweaking. Listen to the fans.
  2. HF Concorde

    EPISODE 253 — Muckraking

    Outstanding episode--Howard was in rare form. Very entertaining.
  3. HF Concorde

    EPISODE 252 — The Mugging Mugger

    Whenever Kulap is unavailable, they manage to find a wonderful guest host (like Emily Gordon) to fill in. Instead, we get Armen when Howard is out of town. Honestly, I was wondering whether re-booking the dreadful Armen over and over again was some sort of Andy Kaufman bit--you know, torture the audience as part of some long "con" for eventual comedic effect. If so, then adding in this utterly horrible, unlistenable guest was upping the ante in some way. I'm waiting for the hirarious reveal where it is explained why the audience has been punished in this way, Is this a new form of meta-comedy that I cannot quite grasp yet?