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    Guests I'd Love To Hear of HDTGM

    I'd love to see Janet and Cole Stratton, either together or in separate episodes. Given their RiffTrax history they'd be prepared for the onslaught of a bad movie as well.
  2. esdeem

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    Another long time listener first time poster who was absolutely thrilled to hear this movie was going to be on the podcast, and wow did it not disappoint! I was a kid who grew up with He-Man... it was a dark day when my plastic He-Man sword cracked beyond repair. I was inconsolable. Well, at least until I discovered Transformers and He-Man suddenly wasn't as cool. But I had to share a few fun memories, plus my young child take on the time travel issue. First of all, for some reason I still remember two things I read about this movie. The first was a film review where the critic, obviously at a loss to describe what he'd just witnessed, instead spent half of his review recounting the heated argument between two children a few rows ahead of him over whether or not a version of Oscar Statue Skeletor would be released. Surprise, Masters of the Universe didn't have a screening for critics! The second was in an article about the movie where people involved with the production called podcast favorite Karg "Little Hitler". Because there just aren't enough Nazi references in children's entertainment. One thing that bugged me about this movie, even as a kid, was when Skeletor killed Saurod. Let's ignore for a minute it was probably the Magical Finger of Budget Reduction that got rid of what looked to be the most complicated costume, but if you rewatch the scene you could really argue Saurod was far from the least effective member of the team. I guess you couldn't kill Beast Man because he was one of the few familiar characters, and the guy who played Blade was also the sword fight coordinator and a double for Dolph, so he was cheaper. Sorry Pons Marr, enjoy Theodore Rex. But let's get to the biggie, the question of Julie's parents. Now remember I said I was a big He-Man cartoon fan back in the day, and given the roughly five thousand other things this film lifted from Star Wars, young me expected a different reveal at the film's end. In the cartoons, He-Man is also Prince Adam in a civilian disguise that makes Clark Kent look like Lon Chaney. Prince Adam's mother was actually FROM Earth, an astronaut who crashed on Eternia. So yes, I was fully expecting a big reveal at the end that, whoops, He-Man is the child of both or at least one of Julie's parents, completely ripping off the Luke and Leia reveal from Return of the Jedi. That it never happned, and thus were prevented the inevitable Courtney Cox as She-Ra sequel it would have led to, is a major disappointment.