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    Caligula (1979)

    Honestly I'd give anything to hear Paul, June and Jason dissect this one. It would make such an excellent episode, and a super long one, because there's just so much there to unpack! I saw it when I was a teenager on late-night cable and it scarred the fuck out of me, but its oddity fascinated me to the point where I more recently rented the DVD from Netflix just for the commentary. Malcom McDowell's stories of the bizarre goings-on on set were so fascinating and hilarious, and if we never get a HDTGM episode about this fucked-up movie at least there'll always be the DVD commentary. But GOD do I want to hear June, Jason and Paul talk about this!!!!
  2. LaurenShear

    Vampire's Kiss (1988)

    My boyfriend and I just watched this last night and it is one of the most psychotic movies we've ever seen. Nicholas Cage is at his Nicholas Cagiest, his tics are so pronounced, he literally chews scenery, and bizarre Philly-surfer-dude accent is the least baffling acting decision he makes. I would do anything to hear June, Jason and Paul discuss this because this movie is the most insane I have ever seen Cage (or any actor for that matter), and that's saying something! I don't know how the makers of this movie didn't see that they could only be making a really terrible black comedy with Cage and his crazy horse-nostrils!