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  1. ScroogeMcFuk

    Popcorn Gallery Theme

    Wow as you can see I'm new too.... considering I just quoted you without leaving a comment and I have no idea how to delete it on mobile. Great tune though and personally I miss the popcorn gallery. I never really understood the name but I always loved the mystery and mysticism around it.
  2. ScroogeMcFuk

    Hello munchkins, I'm new around town... kind of

    I've got a couple seikos myself! Some of the most primo watches I've ever owned. Definitely the best bang for your buck.
  3. ScroogeMcFuk

    Hello munchkins, I'm new around town... kind of

    Yeah dawg, here is an imgur link to the rolly http://m.imgur.com/Ld3vusw And some more of my collection... http://m.imgur.com/mKZ2CLJ all in all I've got about 12 watcheroonies...
  4. ScroogeMcFuk

    DOUGHBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How many pounds of those tasty prawns do you reckon you could pack in, chacho?
  5. ScroogeMcFuk

    Hello munchkins, I'm new around town... kind of

    I keep my kite up there so the bears cant get it, my only issue is the friggin democraps that pray to their false god in the church next door to my tree fort.
  6. ScroogeMcFuk

    Hello munchkins, I'm new around town... kind of

    Not sure about the commercial and I don't have a phone. Phones are for when you go to fancy restaurants.
  7. ScroogeMcFuk

    Episode 167 - Ben Rodgers, Our Boo 2016 Friend

    Better believe I'll be there, toast me up some Rocky Mountain oysters boy toy
  8. ScroogeMcFuk

    Bizarro Sean+Hayes on Chopped

    Those sous vide apples look to die for, droooooolllll.... and not just for the apples
  9. ScroogeMcFuk

    DOUGHBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    More like dough buoys, the only thing keeping them afloat was Sean and Hayes possible appearance. Now that they have showed up, the dough boys franchise can only go down. RIP IN PEACE YOU SALTY DAWGS
  10. ScroogeMcFuk

    Hi, new to the forums. Nice to meet you, everybody!

    Hey truckface, welcome to the ring. Let's gauge your personality. Do you like your eggs boiled steamed or fried?
  11. I have been a listener since the good old days of reality show show and rock the cats box commercial. I have been a member on the forum for a couple minutes but I am not an active poster at all. I'd like to start my involvement, so let me tell you a litttle about myself. Duke lacrosse did nothing wrong, I drive an Infiniti g35x that only has slight transmission problems. I own a Rolex that I bought from a dead guys estate. I'm obviously high class and I only drink goldschlagger. My favorite host of Hollywood handbook is Sean. I'm pro handbook east! I'm from Vermont and I DID listen to the Hollywood handbook while I travelled Iceland, so that's one big fuck you to CBB. I've got a beagle and ive never tried alcohol or weed in my life. Can't wait to get in some passionate chats with fellow listeners. P.S. I just won my fantasy football league so I'm feeling pretty friggin good right meow. Love, Jake
  12. dunked it in a glass of milk i hope
  13. it probably helps that I speak english