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  1. Human

    Episode 380 - Always Willing To Walk

    I love Steve Agee as a guest. He always has such a low energy but always cracks me up immediately. The new era of Whoch is certainly interesting. We'll see how it plays out & if the format stays the same. I'd love for the guests to stay through to the end but that's just my opinion. Also I thought I was going insane, because I kept hearing really faint chart themes playing in the background at inappropriate times and no one in-studio seemed to notice.
  2. Human

    Episode 377 - Thank-Ku

    A bittersweet episode, for sure. I'll be sad to see Kulap go. Equally excited and nervous to see what comes next!
  3. Human

    Episode 375 - Nose Suits

    Great episode. Mary was a hilarious guest and I hope they have her back on sooner than later.
  4. Human

    Episode 353 - I'm Above Jamming

    I'm loving the chanteuse quizzes. A creative Howard is a fun Howard
  5. Human

    Episode 502 - Error 502

    that's a great ep
  6. Human

    Episode 499 - The Freak

    Kyle was on the CBB TV show in 2014 Interpret that information however you like
  7. Human

    Episode 339 - Total Mask On

    So on this Monday's episode of the podcast "My Brother My Brother And Me" they talked about how insane the new Carl's Jr. marketing campaign is, and here today it comes full circle. I liked Drew as a guest.
  8. Their live shows are so next level. Thanks for the laughs, Hayes & Sean.
  9. Human

    Episode 488 - 3 Kidnapped Boys

    This episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! the podcast made me laugh
  10. Human

    Episode 334 - Patronizing, Not Patriarchal

    Howard was really shutting things down this ep, and seemed a little more grumpy than usual, bordering on cantankerous. Hopefully he can get to the beach and get some negative ions soon. Love the show forever, and will probably check out Into the Badlands.
  11. Human

    Episode 321 - Woke Weekend

    Yeah, Howard couldn't cope when face-to-face with weaponized millenialism like that. I appreciate episodes like this, but I am also glad they happen infrequently! It's exhausting trying to keep up with a language and cadence that is so alien
  12. Human

    Episode 320 - What's Your Spread Game?

    They said they wanted Erin on last week, and look what happened. Love it!
  13. Human

    Best of 2016 Pt. 3

    Best ofs are so often simply the best Also the first 10 eps of season 5 of Comedy Bang Bang are up on American Netflix
  14. Big congratulations to the boys for making #2 best comedy podcast of the year according to vulture dot com http://www.vulture.com/2016/12/10-best-comedy-podcasts-of-2016.html?mid=twitter_vulture
  15. Human

    Episode 315 - Does God Like The Beatles?

    This was a great ep. Howard's "Does God like the Beatles?" bit was hilarious. Best Howard moment of 2016, getting in right before the end.
  16. Human

    Episode 308 - Shared Footfalls

    Thanks, ChunkStyle!
  17. Human

    Episode 308 - Shared Footfalls

    I think it would be very cool if the artists-song titles for the music charts (regular chart + kevin's hot picks) was available in the show notes.
  18. Human

    Preview: Mitt Romney

    pretty different from the rest of earwolf, still should be interesting
  19. Human

    Episode 1 - Andy Cohen

    Great ep!
  20. great ep! miss u june
  21. Human

    Episode 277 - Stomp out the Stompers

    Lance was a great guest, good episode
  22. Human

    Episode 52 - One Year

    Just in case this isn't two levels of irony: In the popular Earwolf podcast Comedy Bang! Bang! the score of C+ is the highest something can receive. So it's a bit of an "inside joke" to say something is C+ in praise. This leads to a lot of hurt feelings and confusion, but that's just the nature of inside jokes.
  23. Human

    Episode 407 - Shut the Fuck Door!

    Great stuff from start to finish. That plugs theme was even great insofar as it drew out a lot of funny quips from Scott and co. The only missed opportunity was Scott making all of them announce where they are on the B$Props call sheet in order to establish a clear hierarchy of talent
  24. Human

    Episode 275 - Webisode Camp

    Kulap being nurturing towards Sean and Hayes warms my warm heart.