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  1. This movie is fantastic. I love it, but I think it might not be a good movie. The movie follows Charlie Sykes and Rachel LastName, who are on their way to elope. However, along the way Rachel is kidnapped by a cop from hell, and now Charlie must travel to hell and back to rescue her. So much symbolism, wowee! A wonderful modern day retelling of the myth of Orpheus. It stars Chad Lowe and Kristy Swanson. And looking at the IMDB the director is named Ate de Jong, what's up with that name? Also, like the entire Stiller family is in it. Also Gilbert Gottfried makes a cameo as Hitler. What is not to love? Funfact: The song "Highway to Hell", while in the trailer, is not actually in the movie.
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    Santa with Muscles (1996)

    This movie is the perfect Christmas movie, just look at the title. It has Hulk Hogan, Mila Kunis, and Ed Begley Jr. The perfect cast. Hulk Hogan gets hit on the head, and believes he is Santa Clause, and then he has to fight evil scientists to save an orphanage. The perfect plot. Perfect. 5 stars. A+. 4 stars.