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  1. 1. Episode 171 “A Drunk Woman Explains her Love of Monster Trucks” - Datin’ each other’s cousins (1:05:16) 2. Episode 187 “When’s a time where you bought something that you later regretted like a giant hand or giant watch?” Family beats up neighbors after alleged stealing (26:06) 3 Episode 150 Jim Parsons winning another Emmys – Don Cheadle tries to convince Ben to vandalize Jim Parsons’ car (41:23) 4 Episode 157 What is the best beach you’ve ever been to? – Attempting to shoot a porn (22:35) 5 Episode 188 “Mother Outraged. Daughter asked to perform naked in art class” - Nude final (33:49) Absolutely anything in episodes 171 and 157. Thank you for the handy PDF too!!