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  1. IJoinedJustForThis

    I've tried my best, but I can't find an option to delete my account - help?

    Thanks Dan, but that doesn't help me. I decided to stop participating on these forums and didn't find a delete function. I feel a bit uncomfortable that my email address is part of this forum('s database) apparently for forever, and that I have no way to remove it. edit: actually, nvm. After a few false starts I managed to change it to a disposable one, which I'm content with.
  2. IJoinedJustForThis

    I've tried my best, but I can't find an option to delete my account - help?

    I waited for a while, but on response. Is there really no option for users to delete their account or am I missing something obvious?
  3. topic only seems to be forbidden, so see topic I guess.
  4. IJoinedJustForThis

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    See my reply to cameron please.
  5. IJoinedJustForThis

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    Eh, this is quite surely on me. I guess I'm pretty down right now, nothing to do with you really. However, Auden hit the nail on the head when she wrote "Cameron H. and Quasar Sniifer are both veteran posters who are well-liked and respected. We tend to write long posts and go off on tangents and go off-topic on this forum. So if these things bother you, you probably won't be happy here" - she's right, I feel occasionally that this forum, considering it is not a chat, is too much like a "home environment" for a select few (2nd language here, I hope this works) and get annoyed with the "white noise" I sometimes need to read past. Other times I have no problem with that at all, so like I said, this is most likely on me. For what it's worth, what I tried to say with my lead-in was that I could tell by your second paragraph where you were going and a writing format like this is the type of thing reddit likes to beat like a dead horse, i.e. keep doing it at every occasion until it becomes tiresome (which they have indeed done for that specific style). I realize this couldn't come across as anything else but hostile, but I stand by the factual part of it either way while trusting you when you say you took no offense. I would complain about being lumped in with the "reddit crowd" just because I referenced it, but in this case I'll have to admit I would have read what I wrote the same way if someone else had posted it, so what can you do. Carry on. edit: also, I don't believe in hell, it's literally just a thing to say, like "with the heat of a thousand suns" etc. Quasar should just have cut the quote down to a few lines, I'm not saying he's not supposed to say he liked it.
  6. IJoinedJustForThis

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    No offense to cameron, but that was too long and after skimming I got the gist. Reddit really teaches you to skip that sort of post (they drive everything into the ground to be fair). The guy who quoted him in full to add a line of comment deserves to burn in hell though. Anyway, this movie managed to be less boring than troy, while still being worse overall, not a simple feat. I'm trying to remember something positive about it, but I don't think I can. Goddamn, this left me... bleak. I'll pay a hundred million imaginary dollarooes to the team if they put on exit to eden to cheer me up!
  7. IJoinedJustForThis

    Episode 142.5 - Minisode 142.5

    Would you rather: watch this or troy thrice?
  8. IJoinedJustForThis

    Episode 142.5 - Minisode 142.5

    Watching gods of egypt - I'm not usually one to join the chorus of "how dare they cast [white actor] for [non-white character]", but I'm only 14mins in and this is getting ridiculous. This is egypt ffs, and gerard butler is... well, in this movie. Hotdamn, this one's a mess. Also, I was pretty sure that thief with the woman was a "before/back then" type character, and now I have the bad feeling pretty boy is going to be crucial to the plot. not since rubber-lipped gemma arterton in clash of the titans have I had such a bad reaction to someones looks in a movie...
  9. IJoinedJustForThis

    Episode 141 - The Shadow: LIVE! (w/ Pete Davidson)

    Skimmed the 4 pages of comments as responsibly as I could in my current state, but I feel quite secure stating that nobody in the comments (listening to episode proper still to come) mentioned the terrible, terrible obvious glued-on beard on the villain, nor the music over the ending credits, both of which I would expect to have been pointed out. Come on people, step up your game. Checking back tomorrow.
  10. IJoinedJustForThis

    Episode 141 - The Shadow: LIVE! (w/ Pete Davidson)

    Whee! 74 comments in and late, late at night (or indeed early in the morning after hanging on to coverage of the munich attacks) I catch the new show! I'm excited without knowing anything, but in a rare occurrence I *did* watch both the shadow and the phantom beforehand. Just tell me June is featured, I love her to death! (again, sorry paul.)
  11. IJoinedJustForThis

    Episode 138.5 - Minisode 138.5

    really, nobody did it yet? Alright, I win! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw3fN3OPk3A
  12. IJoinedJustForThis

    Episode 136 - Hell Comes to Frogtown: LIVE!

    Haven't read the comments yet, I had a comp failure recently and the esposito-episode comments from all sides (read that again, *all* sides) were so bad I nearly got cancer, so I've abstained. But I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, and finally watched the movie just now. Turns out it is *not* the movie I mistook it for. From what I can scrape together, I must have watched some softcore sex-comedy when I was very young. It seemed very nearly to be this one, but now I can recall that the last fertile guy was adrift at sea when some unspecified/unexplained desaster rendered everyone sterile. I'm going to read this thread at some later point, and if anyone dared to say anything bad about "They Live", I have only this to say: I am going to find you, and you are going down.
  13. IJoinedJustForThis

    Fateful Findings (2013)

    Wien: don't ever post full movie links on here, its no accident the movie is gone now. Happened to me before.
  14. IJoinedJustForThis

    Episode 133 - The Quest

    Nobody mentioned the kilt guy getting it in the nuts... Was I the only one who saw that coming as soon as the kilt was shown?
  15. IJoinedJustForThis

    Twins (1988)

    I've googled and used the search function, it's not on here yet. Just... why? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twins_%281988_film%29 Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger are twins. I refuse to add any more plot details. Why isn't this a single-digit episode already?