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  1. How do I get into the Facebook group?? I have been scouring the Internet and I have no clue
  2. UCB was a huge part of my early childhood because of poor parenting, so it was a real treat to hear Matt on the show and his utter disgust was delicious.
  3. I KNOW I loved him in Mindy Project too.....
  4. BethElam

    National Treasure

    Dare I say that National Treasure is....a national treasure??
  5. Not a normal marriage no, but a housewives marriage? Perfect
  6. What a boring episode of housewives, but the podcast was worth it.
  7. I have seen Fred and it is indeed terrible. There is so much wrong with it and it is a trail to watch,
  8. You are asking for sense making from things that make no sense
  9. I agree! MST3K movies are like that as well. I think that great bad movies have all of these: Mismatched plot, poor editing, over acting..but a huge component for me is a situation or many situations that leaves the viewer uncomfortable through a created tension because they weren't expecting that tone from the movie. I mean think about it: Face Off Starts off with the murder of a child! Crossroads deals with rape. Twilight has a grown man pledging his love to an unborn child. Monkey Shines had a monkey trying to sex up a man. Toys had that icky subplot in which a woman was picked to be in a relationship to Robin Williams. Gigli is the shining example of this. The abduction of a mentally handicapped person , Ben Affleck touching his mother's butt to give her some sort of injection, and Jennifer Lopez's "Gobble, Gobble" ... Those movies inspire a disgust and outrage that becomes a delighted glee because we don't know much in this world, but we hold faith in our hearts knowing those situations are wrong and the people who made them are worst than us, which makes us in some small way good.
  10. BethElam

    Saving Christmas (2014)

    Gotta hand it to good old Kirk though, because he played the role of the smug, know it all brother in law who had been dying to lecture that man perfectly.
  11. Someone needs to write an essay on the wily smarts of Erika Jayne. How smart was it that when prompted to ask a question of the group to the group, she asked about their common enemy rather than focus on any of them? I plead to the Bravo Gods above, please Erika Jayne hover above the madness. Also Casey, Danielle and Deanna totally pegged how disgusting Lisa R is acting. Why Lisa R? They wouldn't get rid of you! You are adorable!
  12. also casey's read of erica jaynes line should win a tony
  13. Didn't Erika Jayne handle herself like a pro though?
  14. I KNOW THAT THE VANDERPUMP RULES CAUSED YOU PAIN BUT I REGRET NOTHING. Your explanation of it was worth it! That being said, I feel like it was important as "THE HISTORIANS" for these shows, you had to watch Vanderpump Rules. I think it also showed a really sinister side to Lisa in that evey time one of the those slack jaw yokels came out of their drug addled haze to realize that the show was a bad idea for their lives, she did her damnest to pull them back in. Watching Lisa profiting off the of the sexual disease ridden misery of those 20's year olds almost feels like that sad Tool video with the people in torturing other people in smaller boxes because they themselves are in a large box being tortured.
  15. So confession: I had only watched the Beverly Hills but now that I have watched the New York, please please Casey and and Danielle, you have to make another version of the Hotwives with a Sonja inspired character who has a million "interns", lives in a dilapidated house and clearly is having money problems. AND THE TOASTER OVEN.