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  1. SiSquires-Kasten

    Letterboxd Links

    Here's mine. candid camron
  2. If this happens, I'm pretty sure blade runner is getting kicked out. I'm all for that and I'd say that et is the only one I'd be worried about in the match up -- and I'm not that worried
  3. SiSquires-Kasten

    Future of the Show?

    I think for the time being all we can do is amplify the voices of anybody else coming forward with personal stories, and make sure that people feel safe to share them.
  4. SiSquires-Kasten

    Knock Out Poll (Unofficial!)

    I agree, and I also have been convinced not to vote for Chi-Raq, as the end-of-the-year picks are always gonna be a little wacky.
  5. SiSquires-Kasten

    Knock Out Poll (Unofficial!)

    Don't know how Devin or Amy are planning to work the 100th episode, but I figured it might be good to have some harder numbers. Movies here got 3 or more nominations on the last thread. Multiple choice voting.
  6. SiSquires-Kasten

    Knock-Out Suggestions

    An updated tally: Working Girl 9 Cannibal Holocaust 8 Re-Animator, Pennies from Heaven, Chi-Raq 7 Clerks 5 2 Lane Blacktop, Usual Suspects 4 Slacker, Anti-Christ, Animal House, Boyz N The Hood 3 I think Working Girl v. Cannibal Holocaust would be a really upsetting episode, but I think it's the one we all deserve. Kind of the apotheosis of the Canon's listenership (at least those who post on the message boards).
  7. SiSquires-Kasten

    The Truman Show

    I'd argue that he's perfect in Man in the Moon, even when the movie decidedly isn't.
  8. SiSquires-Kasten

    Movies for Moms

    The Graduate is an all-time, 10/10 mom movie
  9. SiSquires-Kasten

    Cape Fear (1962) vs. Cape Fear (1991)

    Pretty sure remake would take this one. I'd vote that way for sure. Although if the remake were a solo episode, I'd be hesitant just because I wonder how many Scorcese/DeNiro we NEED in the Canon. It's an excellent movie, they're ALL excellent movies. But I feel like if the project of the Canon is to make a viewing list for people who want to know about film, I wouldn't show them 5 movies from the same actor/director combo.
  10. SiSquires-Kasten

    Let's Stray Away from Geek/Genre/Gen-X Faire, Just for a Moment

    Thought Act of Killing / Look of Silence were too modern but of course they're deserving. (Way more than any of the four best of the year picks so far, imo)
  11. SiSquires-Kasten

    Let's Stray Away from Geek/Genre/Gen-X Faire, Just for a Moment

    Little Fugitive is always the movie that comes to mind first when I think about these kinds of movies. It's so so good and incredibly important to the creation of independent cinema. Also agree with the need for more docs. Thin Blue Line, Grey Gardens, Titicut Follies would all be slam-dunk choices.
  12. SiSquires-Kasten

    Movies for Moms

    My mom loves Thelma and Louise
  13. SiSquires-Kasten

    Knock-Out Suggestions

    I think this is a really good idea. Yes, part of the fun of vs. episodes is that they present a difficult choice on two movies that may well get in on their own merits, but it has also created a Canon with no real logic to it. The absence of The Road Warrior, The Fly, and Aliens from the Canon presents a strange challenge which Amy articulated in the They Live and Re-Animator episodes -- how can we justify putting in a B+ genre movie when we have already eliminated an A+ picture from the conversation? Also, a Canon with Reservoir Dogs but without Boogie Nights is just insane.
  14. SiSquires-Kasten

    It's time to do something from the 1940s.

    Agreed. I'd add The Ox-Bow Incident and Red River to the list of movies to be considered!
  15. SiSquires-Kasten

    Knock-Out Suggestions

    Chi-Raq is my first, second, third, fourth, etc. choice for a movie to kick out of the Canon. Sure, the Re-Animator vote was a little funky, and there are some other movies (Se7en, Kiki's Delivery Service) that I don't like, but being from Chicago, the "legacy" of Spike Lee's movie is that it preaches platitudes to a city it doesn't even pretend to understand. (The thought of the North and South Sides of Chicago engaging in gang warfare is absurd.) I'm not even saying that 2015 movies shouldn't be inducted -- I would have happily voted for Sicario, Cartel Land, Carol, The Look of Silence, It Follows, etc. But the thought of Chi-Raq in our canon boils my blood more than any mid-tier boys-club genre picture ever could.