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  1. Absolutely brilliant. I think that anyone who doesn't believe in rules is not really teaching. They provide a base for the creativity of the performers to build on. They exist to aid the performers in creating a solid scene.
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    Episode 143 — Gameface

    I have recently found this podcast and absolutely love it. I've been listening to all of these episodes and have been enjoying it immensely. One thing that bothered me previously but came up in this episode was the way that Matt used the term "Coward of the County". He's referencing the old Kenny Rogers song, which is cool. However, the "Coward" in that song was the hero. He was showing the conviction of his beliefs by not being easily goaded into a fight for the sake of fighting. I don't mind that Matt might consider these people to be cowards. They are. I just recommend that he doesn't reference the song.