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    Ask Paul!

    Otago, New Zealand Was privileged to see Paul & co in Wellington last year Congratulations on Spontaneanation's birthday Is there a list of all Spont affiliated URLs/Sponsors? May I please ask the likelihood of a live Spontaneantion on the next JoCo cruise? Are there any plans to expand the range of logo-emblazoned merchandise?
  2. EleanorMoore

    Ask Paul!

    Dear Paul, In order of best to least best, what are the best ways to show support for Spontaneanation without being able to attend live events? Please suggest any others so your fans can show maximum support! Examples include: Review on iTunes Donate to podcast Support sponsors' businesses using Spont- affiliated URLs Become a sponsor Stalk Matt Gourley on Twitter Subscribing/Downloading podcast Thank you for your time. Eleanor (edited for manners)