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    Episode 400 - 400th Episode: The Cake

    The belittling and mocking of the needs of taller individuals in this episode is apalling. We will not be persecuted any longer! You shorties get your comfortable cars, planes, rides, and always have your size of clothes available in-store. Bet you've never even hit your head on shit. I STAND WITH DAN AND MATT.
  2. ShinjiWakanai

    Best of 2016 Pt. 4

    I was waiting for the PFT passive-aggressiveness when Tommy Middle D would be #1 instead of him. Can't beat our golden boy! I do appreciate all Paul does for the show but Thomas is a treat I and many others are always chomping at the bit for. Paul's funny in a sarcastic, analytical breakdown of Scottisms and premises kind of way and Thomas is just pure ecstatic comedic whackiness. We need an ep. with both of them so it can be #1 next year!
  3. ShinjiWakanai

    Best of 2016 Pt. 1

    Came here to post about this. Bit late, and no-one will see it but I get a little annoyed as a channer when I hear Pepe being touted as a white supremacist symbol.You can support Hillary and not be on board with her ludicrous claim that a cartoon frog meme is a hate symbol. Also, The "Alt-Right" is such a loose collective already that it isn't fair to label it as any one thing like that dickhead Richard Spencer tried to do. The Alt-Right is just a bunch of memers, and as such should be taken with a grain of salt.
  4. ShinjiWakanai

    Episode 462 - Breakinโ€™ Since the 30s

    maybe it's just me but for me, I'm kinda glad Moshe hasn't been on before after listening to this ep. I felt like he couldn't stand not being in the center of it all even if it meant he had to make a flat joke; I love how Scott kept trying to reign it back in after every one of his outbursts though. Would've loved to have had just lauren and nick.
  5. ShinjiWakanai

    Episode 241 - Guess the Bigfoot

    As far as Case Closed goes, this one was actually pretty good. I just can't stand the political stuff, for someone who desperately tried to come off as punk, anti-establishment, and an overall contrarian, I can't see any reason why Besser prefers Clinton. He hasn't even legitimately justified it to this day, but hey, it's his show and he can plug anything he wants. Either way, I'm backing out from listening anymore because I just know he's going to have a field day when she inevitably wins and I'm not going to enjoy listening to him gloat. Not trying to be dramatic, and I know no one gives a shit, but I just can't stand the politics segments, even if they won't be around much after the general election. At the end of the day, I've already got an improv podcast I prefer, (CBB) and I know Hot Saucerman would never take thirty minutes to shill out politicians and hire other people to sound smart for him; something Besser should realize if he genuinely wants the podcast to gain more traction.
  6. Don't really care for Besser once again shilling Hillary and calling other people stupid based on opinion, but I know by now that's just who he is and it's what to expect. He loves to make others feel stupid which is ironic as he often says dumb things or comes off uncultured and uninformed. I don't mean to trash the guy, he can dish it so I'm sure he can take it. Above all, I feel that focusing on politics or debating is a waste of otherwise useful time for comedy. I understand that politics is a big influence for some comedy, but there's no need to focus on it when there's so much out there to do improv on. That said, this was a great ep. and an amazing lineup.
  7. ShinjiWakanai

    Episode 275 - Webisode Camp

    Great ep. Love Horatio Sanz, always tons of fun. It was cute in a way hearing them talk about video games from their perspective as people who don't play them. As someone who streams video games frequently I find it refreshing to see people with an outside view of that bubble of entertainment. Glad they have a chart for video games!
  8. ShinjiWakanai

    Episode 399 - Trump vs. Bernie

    Maybe it's just me but for me this was a great ep. I don't get how some people didn't like Gottfried, he's of a different era (and comedic flavor) but he's still a great contribution to the podcast. Above all, I'm just glad Adomian is on after IT'S BEEN A WHILEEEE.
  9. ShinjiWakanai

    Are those Muppets gonna fuck Khaleesi?

    Comedy boners are best boners.
  10. ShinjiWakanai

    Episode 395 - Yupparently

    At first, I wasn't really digging Scott and Whitney shutting out Gemberling's character, but then I remembered that this is CBB not improv4humans and Scott's general fuckery with people's characters and breaking the fourth wall is some of the best stuff on the podcast.
  11. ShinjiWakanai

    Episode 1 โ€” Jake Johnson, Our Close Friend

    Came here to say that I'm just now discovering how great this podcast is. Can't believe I didn't give it a try until now.
  12. ShinjiWakanai

    EPISODE 367 โ€” Bits, Riffs, and Friendships

    Made an account just so I could vote for this to be in the "best of"