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  1. MichaelKatsimbris

    North (1994)

    I have to admit, I enjoyed this movie when I watched it as a kid. In fact, I watched it more than once. That being said, I certainly don't want to be seen as trying to mount a campaign to save the reputation for this movie. (I won't win, and my rose colored glasses from watching this when I was younger, I'm sure colored my opinion.)
  2. MichaelKatsimbris

    America's Sweethearts (2001)

    I can't believe I missed this being recommended. I'm with @CopKabob, this is 5 stars for me. Although I would still love to hear HDTGM go over this film. Mike K
  3. MichaelKatsimbris

    Enemy of the State (1998)

    Exactly, just like @Ofcoursemyhorse said. This might make the film more Hackers level, rather than just flat out terrible. And if we remember (how could we forget), Hackers was done on the podcast. So, surely, this would fit the bill.
  4. MichaelKatsimbris

    Enemy of the State (1998)

    Agreed on all of this. The actors (and how big ticket they were at the time) and performances carry the theoretically plausible plot to a lot of other flawed pieces that make up the plot. Mike K
  5. MichaelKatsimbris

    Striking Distance (1993)

    Yeah, I will also definitely vouch for this movie to be done by the podcast. While the movie does seem middle of the road in terms of drama / action / thriller movies for the 90s, I think that's what let go through with some glaring issues that I hope they would take up. And the thing is, I love everyone in it. But, the plot might just be so flimsy that the director had to get everyone to just play to their acting strengths, and then ask them to take it to 11. (e.g. "Hey Bruce, can you just be WAY more brooding for this film? Yeah? Awesome!") Mike K
  6. MichaelKatsimbris

    Money Plane (2020)

    As someone who's seen movies made by / produced by / financed by / backed by the WWE, this was beyond the pale. It's difficult to even start on the performances of the cast (and I'm sorry Edge / Adam Copeland, but this includes you) because the rest of the film that surrounds him is so surprisingly poor. And to that point, maybe a lot of the blame is to the director and writing. Ugh, there's just so much going wrong here. Right, so: bad effects: the guns shots are given light and spark by CGI. Blood is done by CGI bad thought-out effects sequences (a gun being held / moved / shot by a a low-cost drone). bad effects cause continuity errors; in one scene a man is stabbed and blood is shown, then after a shot change, the blood is gone. A few characters are only shown in just one area. Adam Copeland's character spends a lot of his time in the cockpit, which I find strange for the top billed actor of the movie. The score doesn't match the gravity of what's happening: in one scene a man dies by playing Russian Roulette with himself, and while it's a hokey performance by a Lawrence brother (I think that's who it was), I still don't understand why you'd play such a light, or, comedic score to a man who dies. Did anyone else notice that Kelsey Grammar needed a haircut? It happens to many men who don't wear long hair. So, the lower back of the head develops ruffled hair that is usually shaved off after a hair cut. And here, it's quite prominent. I just find it odd to have this be a thing. When Patrick Lamont is pretending to be McGillcutty, the movie plays a funny trope done before, but that I still like. A man who is either new to, or doesn't want to, gamble seems to be on a non stop winning streak. And it doesn't go anywhere. Usually movies use this to wrap up a story, or give a character a win after they lose everything (Like Vegas Vacation with Chevy Chase, where Ethan Embry, Rusty, wins a bunch of cars, and they use them to leave at the end). And the comedy of it never lands, of course. They're trying to make too many jokes. I think this is a movie that would happen if I thought I could write and produce a movie, and had the means to. I would think of all these ideas and just patch them together and go with it. Just, wow. Anyway, that's all I got for now; I can't wait until they sink their teeth into this.
  7. MichaelKatsimbris

    Holy Matrimony: LIVE

    Oh wow, why would that happen? Was the show / crowd reactions not funny enough?
  8. MichaelKatsimbris

    The One (2001)

    Agreed! I'd very much look forward to this.
  9. MichaelKatsimbris

    If Looks Could Kill (1991)

    I saw this as a kid (probably too young), but I must admit I still knew in the back of my head that this would not be a movie to seek out and show to other people as thought it were a good movie. I plan on rewatching it though to see how much the rose colored glasses of childhood have affected my memory.
  10. MichaelKatsimbris

    Blank Check (1994)

    This movie definitely gave me "The Ladybugs" effect. As a kid, I throughly enjoyed it, but just THINKING about it now, I scream to myself, "Oh come on!!" Oh my God, yes, I just didn't think anything of this as a kid. I mean, come on!