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  1. mrrichardson

    Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)

    I loved this movie as a kid. I would watch anything with fighting/ninjas/action etc. and I mean come on, who didn't love Chris Farley? Re-watching this film and it still holds up, for nostalgia purposes, but I could see how not everyone would love it. It's pretty much just Chris Farley falling down, breaking stuff, and running into things over and over again. The fight scene towards the end, where Chris Farley gives his "NO ONE MESSES WITH MY BROTHER" speech still pumps me up and legitimately gives me goosebumps though. Every single time. Anyone who has a brother can relate.
  2. mrrichardson

    Problem Child (1990)

    I mean it wasn't entirely anti-adoption. In the end John Ritter ended up loving Junior and keeping him and it showed that even the roughest kids, just need love and can still be good.
  3. mrrichardson

    Youngblood (1986)

    I have yet to see this movie, but as a general rule of thumb, I'll watch any film involving sports. I'm definitely checking this out soon.
  4. mrrichardson

    The Karate Kid Part III (1989)

    With season 2 of Kora Kai coming out later this year, now would be the perfect time to finally visit this awesome film. KORA KAI NEVER DIES! STRIKE FIRST! STRIKE HARD! NO MERCY!
  5. mrrichardson

    Sudden Death (1995)

    The gang have done plenty of JCVD movies, but still not enough. This film is so entertaining and over the top, that it needs to be done. Loved this movie as a child and still love it today.
  6. mrrichardson

    Waterworld (1995)

    Why would they make the film longer?
  7. mrrichardson

    The Last Picture Show

    I don't understand the hype. All this movie is about, is people having sex and being sad in a small Texas town. There's no real protagonist, no real antagonist, no real triumph, no real story arc, nothing actually happening of any real significance, no actual stakes for anything. The acting was fine, but that's it. I would not recommend this film to anyone and I would never watch it again.
  8. mrrichardson

    Never Back Down (2008)

    At the time mma was finally starting to gain some respect and traction, after some really dark times in the 90s when politicians waged a witch hunt against the UFC. Then this film comes out and totally makes a mockery of the sport. Why the back yard fights? Why not just have an mma movie, be about actual mma fights?
  9. mrrichardson

    The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

    I've never seen this film, but just by watching the trailer, you can immediately tell it belongs on the podcast. Wow, that film looked terrible. What's so funny about a dying kid, making a concoction to grow his hair out? Literally, how did this get made?
  10. mrrichardson

    Gotti (2018)

    I had such high hopes for this film. There have been so many epic gangster flicks over the years, that I thought this one could follow in that tradition. You have this charismatic, narcissistic, street wise, but foolish lead character, that should've been a rich well of depth, and instead it just falls entirely flat. There are roles that Travolta plays well, but this just isn't one of them. Terrible film, that seems to drag on forever.
  11. mrrichardson

    The Scout (1994)

    Arguably Brendan Frazier's worst film. This box office bomb , is marketed as a comedy, but it tries very hard to be a sincere emotional drama, which it fails at miserably. I get that a lot of movies are supposed to have a suspension of disbelief, but 'The Scout' expecting us to believe that Brendan Frazier is an undiscovered mexican baseball god, is a little too much to ask of anyone. In this movie, not only does Brendan Frazier pitch a perfect game, every single time he pitches (a feat only accomplished 23 times in the entire 100+ year history of MLB), he also breaks the single game strikeout record too... BY 7! All whilst only using 81 pitches (a strike every pitch). As if all that wasn't absurd enough, he also literally bats 1.000 and scores a HR every single time he's at bat. I can't explain how stupid this movie is.
  12. mrrichardson

    Sidekicks (1992)

    The movie was pretty good... If you want to pick a Chuck Norris movie, there are better ones out there than this one. "The Hitman" should be the easy choice and I feel that if more people had watched that movie, than there would be more clamoring for an episode of HDTGM to be done on the film.
  13. mrrichardson

    Encino Man (1992)

    Have you ever watched 'The Quiet American'? Brendan Frazier actually plays a serious role and he does fantastic in it, very surprisingly. It's a great movie. Anyways, on to the suggestion topic, I would also like to see this get made into a HDTGM episode... HDTGM should most certainly do at least one Pauly Shore movie.
  14. mrrichardson

    The Hitman (1991)

    The Hitman is one of Chuck Norris' best films and would make for a great episode of HDTGM. In this movie Chuck Norris is left for dead and comes back to life as an undercover cop who infiltrates the mob and in doing so, becomes a ruthless, remorseless, cold blooded killer.... Who is also still a good guy with a heart of gold. Plenty of great action, great one liners, and to top it all off this film also features the greatest movie ending of any movie ever made ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvgJtC_g-sU