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  1. I really enjoyd the earwolf theme at the very end of the episode because i crave some consistency in my life
  2. not to wake the sleeping dog here, but since he wrote and directed Get Hard, do you think Chris might have actually been responsible for the racist Asian jokes?
  3. [in a good accent] funny, this side of the mason-dixon we call 'em backliners, because we're all just a lil bit crazy like that edit: apparently you can't delete posts. fuck this website
  4. sounds like a classic brooklyn no-no. -OR- a PFT carrot? is that like the astronaut carrot thats been going around lately? get that root crop in space! since these are both so damn epic fucking win i couldn't pick just one to post
  5. haven't listened to the episode yet but today i have been thinking a lot about cheddar bob and turtle from entourage open mouth kissing
  6. youngrose

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    65000 - manmade holes in the crowzone layer linking our system to theirs
  7. youngrose

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    uhhh, did you even watch that movie? not what happened at all
  8. youngrose

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    you can practically slice it with a butterknife or something, maybe a flattened spoon
  9. youngrose

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    fuckin star wars, what are you on about? god damn fuckin commander kirk bullshit up in here, get outta here with that space wig rendezvous bullshit. its not even science dude edit: sorry dude i haven't even had my coffee yet
  10. also not totally sure why the spaghetti flavor is so many different colors, because when i do spagetti its generally only a color or two, and thats brown and red, baby
  11. i only know one trick but it involves a pint of malt vinegar, 3 hours, and a dog sled. should also be noted that this has never worked for me, but i highly suspect that it would work ON me
  12. hey nobody, drafted tweets - the fort knox of twitter? does it smell like updog in here to you? if your dad won the powerball, would he walk out on you?
  13. this is some solid 2016 content right here
  14. well like i said, since its canon now that brett is at his peak flowers for algernon cycle, we can expect a return to awful, unfunny, and bad brett in a few months, and boy, is this gonna be fun to watch. or listen to I guess, since this is a podcast and not a movie on my TV, i think