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  1. GrilledCheesePreserves

    Episode 423 - Time Bobby 4

    So emotional.
  2. GrilledCheesePreserves


    Now I can write my own movies. Thank you Hollywood Handbook.
  3. GrilledCheesePreserves

    Episode 406 - Kid Detectives II

    I am excited for this. I hope my dreams come true.
  4. GrilledCheesePreserves

    EPISODE 121 — Maria Thayer, Our Close Friend

    My mom took me to see Deadpool this weekend. It was like a cool movie and my mom let me hear all the cusses. It was nice not have Earwolfman Jack try not to have a lot of cusses in the ads for this episode. My mom wouldn't like that. She is a strict.
  5. GrilledCheesePreserves

    Episode 47 - Pediatrician's Office

    I wish I could have a podcast of just Janey Varney and PFT laughing off-mic.
  6. GrilledCheesePreserves

    EPISODE 120 — Brandon Gardner, Our Close Friend

    It snowed on my way to work this morning. Should have listened to the episode. I guess I should have taken the car.
  7. GrilledCheesePreserves

    EPISODE 119 — Friends, Our Close Friends

    I wish Hayes would grow his hair out like this.
  8. GrilledCheesePreserves

    EPISODE 119 — Friends, Our Close Friends

    So emotional.
  9. GrilledCheesePreserves

    EPISODE 119 — Friends, Our Close Friends

    I could have posted something like: Home Alone To: Escape from New York But instead it seems more like: Home Alone Too: Escaping from L.A. http://imgur.com/lmzP27T
  10. GrilledCheesePreserves

    EPISODE 118 — Chris Gethard, Our Close Friend

    So emotional.