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  1. JesseDeLeon

    Episode 130 - Teen Witch

    This movie has been so divisive I think the panel should record a second full podcast. Clearly the gang enjoys the movie. I'm in the same age bracket but this movie was TERRIBLE! There could be further discussion on a lot of more points that was missed on the podcast.
  2. JesseDeLeon

    Episode 130 - Teen Witch

    Guys. seriously. WHERE ARE ALL THE CHAIRS????
  3. JesseDeLeon

    Prisoners of the Lost Universe (1983)

  4. This is a great BAD movie. I remember this being showcased on cable as an exclusive. It was a great movie for a 10 year old. It stars Richard Hatch (Original Battlestar Galactica) Kay Lenz and B-movie baddie John Saxon! The HDTGM panel would have plenty to talk about with this one. Garbage.
  5. JesseDeLeon

    Episode 129 - The Apple: LIVE!

    She was also in The Last Starfighter.
  6. JesseDeLeon

    D.C. Cab (1983)

    Fun movie! Mr.T giving the inspirational speech is the best!
  7. JesseDeLeon

    The Toy (1982)

    "It's U.S. Not YOU ASS."
  8. JesseDeLeon

    Episode 129 - The Apple: LIVE!

    How infuriating was it to have no final number? The Hippies (God's children) and BIM (Satan minions) finally meet. There could have been a song about following false idols/commercialism/anything? There was nothing. Also the noise from the police smacking their shields sounded like popping bubble wrap.
  9. JesseDeLeon

    Episode 101 — Xanadu: LIVE!

    When I was a kid, watching this movie, my heart would melt every time Olivia Newton-John was skating. I had such a huge crush on her!
  10. JesseDeLeon

    Ready to Rumble (2000)

    This would be a great movie for the podcast. It was made in an effort to bring wrestling (WCW) to the mainstream. Not only was it panned by wrestling and non-wrestling fans, it was one of the turning points in the Monday Night Wars. Would the HDTGM gang enjoy this film?
  11. JesseDeLeon

    Episode 129 - The Apple: LIVE!

    The character of Bulldog was played by Derek Deadman. He was also in TIME BANDITS. Just like THE APPLE he was a henchman of the devil-Evil played by David Warner. He wasn't topless in the film but he wore an equally horrible costume.