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  1. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 560 - 1-800 Jingles

    Amazing. This is like my dream line up. The only one missing is Claudia O'Doherty.
  2. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 555 - What A Wonderful WaterWorld

    JW!! Finally.
  3. Loved loved loved this. It's been a hell of a year of Off-Book and all those call backs were so great. Especially fond of the "walking down the 101"/"was i a bad son" callback. That ep remains a classic. But man this was great. One of those earwolf episodes where i would have killed to be in the room.
  4. This was a delight. The curveball segment was awesome. I love this pod.
  5. Haven't listened yet, but wanted to say that I'm assuming this isn't actually the final episode of Off-Book... Because that would destroy me.
  6. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 44 - Goatbusters (w/ Carl Tart)

    Now this...THIS is a dream line-up. I love Zach and Jess, i love Carl and i love this podcast
  7. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 534 - Solid As A Rock

    I HAVE WAITED SO LONG FOR ANOTHER CLAUDIA O'DOHERTY EPISODE!!! AND CARL TART!! This is the most excited i have been in ages for a CBB ep. So happy.
  8. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 33 - Odycheese (w/ Griffin Newman)

    Zach's references to all things Odyssey just make me love him more. Continue to adore this podcast.
  9. Matt Gourley is the most sincere sumbitch ever.
  10. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 532 - Everything Is Horrible and Wonderful

    I had no idea Will Hines had a Spider-Man podcast. Immediate subscribe. Good ep and i really appreciate Scott asking Stephanie to be a guest. It was nice to hear.
  11. Wow this was my favourite improv in a while. So good! Carl Tart is of course a hero (turn your radio DOWN) and i knew that i loved Shaun Diston, but Ego Nwodim was new to me and rounded out the roster perfectly. Loved it.
  12. This was definitely good enough. In fact i loved it. Carl Tart is a hero, Madeline was awesome too
  13. Colliding of two of my favourite podcasts in the world. THE WORLD.
  14. "We love having a racing stripe on our car, it makes us feel vroom vroom". The Gladwell-Lightwell rivalry, i love it when Zach doubles down on a premise. He's always all in.
  15. Great ep, really funny improv today. The question bit with the devil made me wonder if anybody will do a riddle for the question (or has done and i can't remember). That would be so randomly strange and i would love it. (Turn your radio down)