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  1. I don't doubt that Heys and Shawn wouldn't be able to get a big star like Deathpool, but I think they tricked us, like some other shows on this station try and do. He sounded just like Heys and did you even know Heys didn't even talk to dethpool? Because he's the same guy!!!!!

    Or maybe Heys is a dethpool.




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  2. Usually this is a nice show to listen to, but this one was rude. Your not supposed to make jokes about boys hugging and kissing anymore. It's not supposed to be funny and when they make me laugh part of my butt off from making jokes about boys hugging, it makes me rude too!!! I'm not going to listen to you for ONE WHOLE WEEK!!! Your on suspension!!! And next time don't be so rude!

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