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    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    Did anyone else see that the photo of Danny Aiello that Emma Roberts puts face down before her and Hayden Christensen bone down is Danny Aielo's IMDB photo? I love that they couldn't be bothered to find any other old picture of him.
  2. caro_fine

    Grind (2003)

    Yes. This movie is so terrible. SO good. Please do it
  3. I came across this story like a year ago after having fallen into a Wikipedia information hole and I just really want to talk about how The Phantom is huge with the Wahgi tribe in Paupa New Guinea in like the 1980s. They began to paint pictures of him on their war shields because he was "The Hero Who Couldn't Die". Traditionally they painted a representation of the animal who's characteristics they wanted to take on in battle so like if they wanted courage or strength they would paint a lion or elephant. But when their isolated area was encountered by WWII servicemen the stories of their favorite comic book character spread to the Wahgi people and The Phantom became a phenomenon because he came from the jungle like them and wore a mask to fight. They identified with the character and wanted to take on his other characteristics in battle. Here are some pictures of their shields
  4. caro_fine

    Episode 130 - Teen Witch

    I kept waiting for some kind of real conflict in this movie for Louis Guzman, any real consequences for her actions, and when that finally came in the form of Hats getting upset THAT WAS NEVER RESOLVED. I'm convinced Louis did not give a fuck about her best friend. They had one conversation about how Hats was upset and then Louis was like... oh well. Then she went back to focus on white bread (oops I mean Brad). The movie ended with no resolution to their friendship problems. Louis dropped her after that one argument and did nothing to try and fix it. Louis Guzman= Worst Friend Ever.