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  1. I love this show and it's introduced me to a bunch of really great improvisors whose work I love and whom I never would have discovered without this podcast, but this guy was a dud from start to finish
  2. DeliciousBoat

    Episode 446 - Scrounging and Lounging

    Sweet Lord, what a C+ episode. Paul's rude Libertarian clown is a great addition to the PFT pantheon and Mary Holland was on fire. One of my favorite episodes of the year so far for sure.
  3. There's a tiny bit of it in the Bosom Mame scene at around 50 minutes. And I also came to say that I'd never noticed how similar Colleen Smith and Tawny Newsome sound! I hope they do an episode together soon.
  4. This is an all-star cast of improvisers! Munderscore adds a delightfully unpredictable energy to the show every time she's on. Also, bless these weirdos for knowing enough about Assassins to be able to make jokes about it.
  5. Such a fun episode! Nyima Funk is a great addition to the cast of Spontaneanation regulars and I hope she comes back for many more episodes.
  6. Two Lil' JV episodes in a row? Truly we are blessed this day
  7. What a delightfully weird episode this was! Munderscore's character's evolution from restaurant owner to 200-year-old war hero to evil Egyptian god was a joy to follow.
  8. Fun episode! It's always good to hear Brandon Johnson. Also, Carla Cackowski is delightful but her profile picture is very upsetting
  9. Colleen Smith is a treasure! Her good home talkin' improves my day every time I hear it.
  10. Is there a petition or something I can sign to have Little Janet Varney appear on every episode from now on? All of Paul's regular guests are great, but Lil' JV in particular adds so much to every episode she's on.
  11. It was devastating to hear of the improv mix-up with Matt Besser but this was still a great episode! All the bizarre ghost stories were amazing and I laughed so hard at Peter Two Horses mercilessly roasting PFT about not thinking the roller coaster accident would be national news that I nearly became a ghost myself.
  12. This was a delightful episode! Cameron Esposito is super funny and charming. I laughed so hard when Brandon Johnson went into his Mr. Goldenfold voice.