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  1. Aldous Vega

    Episode 231 - Ego Nwodim, Our Close Friend

    oh no Harmontown .....love Spencer, many things i like about Dan.... doing a rip off santa man "me undies ad", and did a Super Mario sound drop like Doughboys....
  2. As me just realizing this is one of the best podcasts ive heard, isnt time to have THE BOY's Shawn and Hayes on...? or whatever keep doing what your doing love you both...
  3. Aldous Vega

    Episode 197 - Nicole Byer, Our Close Friend

    Hugh these guys seem like these other guys i know
  4. Aldous Vega

    Episode 471 - Shy By Nature, Outgoing By Nurture

    Hey j man dong, just so you know, I got that " pretty sneaking sis" joke ( from the connect four comercial) and that was Fn hilarious.
  5. How many times I gotta think this episode was a kinda awesome, like perfect combo of altitudes? Yes Queenie.
  6. sorry no just 7minutes 11 seconds..
  7. Love this ep.... first section like jazz , zewe dop a doo ba, ....commercial ...was it a full 9 minutes long...?