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  1. I understand why Moriarty sabotaged the Christmas tree stand, I just don't get Kevin's motivation to cover for him.
  2. JBellAustin

    Episode 180 - Mikal Cronin, Our Close Music

    This podcast is important and YOU are important and I love you.
  3. This is my favorite podcast episode of all time. I mean that.
  4. JBellAustin

    Episode 267 - Magic Quilt Party

    Great episode until the appearance of the worst smacking I've heard on mic. Waiting 5 minutes for that doughnut would have paid off.
  5. JBellAustin

    Episode 157 - Adam Pally, Our Bumper Recorder

    Adam Pauly again already? Tom's not going to love this.
  6. Oh good, eating on mic. Hope there's a caramel ad in the middle.
  7. JBellAustin

    Episode 153 - Jen D'Angelo, Our Close Friend

    We did invent points.
  8. JBellAustin

    Episode 153 - Jen D'Angelo, Our Close Friend

    The official scoring of I4H boils down to 5 points for every line spoken that brings about "and scene" and 1 point for every second of audible laughter caused. It would be gauche to post the final scores but Sean won by 27.
  9. My favorite episode in what has been a damn good year of I4H.
  10. JBellAustin

    Episode 153 - Jen D'Angelo, Our Close Friend

    I love this episode more than my younger kid who doesn't talk much yet and is still super attached to his mom but whatever because big sis and I are BFF. Hollywood Handbook Classic wins this taste test.
  11. I grew up working for home builders and developers and trees that were to be saved for either aesthetic reasons or by rule of local environmental law were tagged with ribbons. Those to be bulldozed were spray painted. Sorry Hayes.
  12. Nice, and good, and funny, and possibly my favorite thing ever. Thank you.
  13. My tv size only shows equestrian.
  14. So, does the real episode come out today?
  15. JBellAustin

    Episode 141 - Karen Kilgariff, Our Close Friend

    The streak of really funny podcast eps is getting DiMaggio-like and increasing the feeling of superiority I have over my non-listening friends to dangerous levels. @ndy.