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  1. Are you happy now Dad...erm I mean Hayes I think they'll be forever disappointed in us, like true parents.
  2. Did anybody at the show ask the boys if it was too late to donate to Reality Show Show? I was finally able to get my wallet out of my back pocket.
  3. Theory: Casper wasn't sure about the quality of their product so they sent beds to all the not as cool, funny and nice podcasters to test them out. Now that things have been perfected, they paid to have Sean and Hayes flown out to try one of their own.
  4. I'm really concerned that working with someone as intolerant as Julie would take away from the important message they're trying to get across about Joe the Plumber.
  5. JHolmes

    Silly Request

    My favorite parts of the show always follow "Expand on that". People are so backed into a corner and always come up with something hilarious or are so flustered it ends up funny anyway
  6. JHolmes

    New to the forum

    This is perfect for the participation award generation. Are we just handing these out? Can I get one?
  7. Also, Brett's inability to call back what Sean and Hayes' instructions were regarding the email (and his as well as the other engineers' general lack of awareness) made me think of a new segment, similar to "Ehh wrong". This is specifically for the engineers and is called "How dare you". As in "how dare you sit there through all these podcasts and not listen to these valuable tidbits". In this segment they stop the podcast and demand the engineer tell them topics that have been covered so far in the episode.
  8. So glad the boys are at SXSW and finally getting the recognition they deserve after taking Kulap to task a few weeks ago about not being invited to anything. Judging by the crowd reactions they had anywhere from 15 to 80,000 people! Also clearly Rosie was built thick because Rosie is a "diverse" name.