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    Episode 78: BOYZ N THE HOOD

    I don't think this movie deserved the hate it got form Devin, but it definitely wasn't as good as Amy said it was. That being said it's only a soft no for me. And by a weird coincidence I happened to watch Dope the day after watching this movie, and I thought Dope did what this movie tried to do better, which is in large part my reason for voting no on this movie.
  2. AashishSreedharan

    Episode 71: SLACKER

    I'm actually surprised at how much I liked this movie. When I read the description of the movie, it sounded boring, but because it's Linklater I figured I'd give it a show, and I'm glad I did. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I enjoyed it, and I'll gladly vote it into the canon. I found it's lack of a plot interesting, and the pretentiousness of nearly everyone in the movie was actually kind of hilarious. I think the conspiracy theorist form the coffee shop was my favorite too, he just sounded so sure of himself and everything he was saying as if it's natural to assume everything he said. So yes, let's put this in the canon!
  3. AashishSreedharan

    Episode 70: BATMAN v SUPERMAN

    If I could I would have voted neither. I don't think either of them deserve to be on the canon, either as a superhero movie (the only ones I'd possibly consider, and even these are a maybe, would be The Dark Knight or Iron Man 1), or as great movies. They're both fun and campy movies, but that's it really. None of the pre-Nolan Batman movies are good movies, though this might be one of the better bad Batman movies. And despite just how fun, and happy, and hopeful the Superman movie is (none of these things are present in MoS or BvS), it's an ok movie overall. Though Christopher Reeve will always be my perfect Superman actor. But since I have to choose, Superman is my vote, because frankly, Superman way a much better movie than Batman.
  4. AashishSreedharan

    Episode 68 - Antichrist (w/ Michael Lerman)

    I vote no on this movie. I will say I thought this movie had some beautiful shots, and the acting, as expected, was great. But I don't think it deserves a spot on the canon.
  5. AashishSreedharan

    Episode 67 - Lolita

    I agree with Devin on this, and I'm voting no on this.