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  1. dominonimob

    Episode 137.5 - Minisode 137.5

    I have not thought about Dragonheart in over a decade. I vaguely remember enjoying it as a child, but looking back on my memory of specific scenes I do not think that the movie is going to stand the test of time. Sean Connery’s voice over work as a child felt awesome, but as an adult I would be waiting for him to give Dennis Quad’s character love advice that involved “giving that red head a firm pop in the mouth” which really takes the whimsy out of the movie. Also does anyone else find the king’s character, played by David Thewlis, in Dragonheart similar to Dudley Moore’s character in Arthur? I feel like King Einon is just Arthur if he had been a really mean drunk. Arthur is another terrible movie that could be worthy of the How Did This Get Made treatment.
  2. dominonimob

    Episode 132 - Bloodsport: LIVE!

    Are the live shows recorded and available for viewing? Also... I guess I know which terrible movie I will be watching the next time my wife is not around.
  3. dominonimob

    Episode 131.5 - Minisode 131.5

    Slow clap building for everyone that made this minisode exceptional, especially joebronx for his incredible contribution. I cannot wait for the Bloosport episode. I will have to go back and watch this classic piece of shitema and relive the first instance of female nudity my young eyes ever witnessed on TV. I may be getting this movie mixed up with another though. Is there a movie that is nearly an exact copy of this one but with different actors, more nudity, and comical violence?
  4. Return of the Living Dead II (1988) - What is even happening in this movie? The Last Starfighter (1984) - 80's hair and an alien co-pilot that looks like an old chocolate covered raisen. The Golden Child (1986) - Eddie Murphey beats the white devil. Bloodsport (1988) - A blind Jean Claude Van Damme avenges his friend Ogre by giving some one a pink belly and screaming like a mad man. The 13th Warrior (1999) - Antonio Banderas learns Norse by listening.
  5. dominonimob

    How did you discover HDTGM?

    The show was mentioned on another podcast that I listen to. My wife introduced me to the world of audio on demand after listening to another of my irritation fueled conspiracy theories regarding commercial radio. I have been addicted to podcasts since that time and I think “How Did This Get Made?” was mentioned on the Wil Wheaton & Mikey Neumann podcast “TV Crimes”. “TV Crimes” has a similar structure and is also really fun to listen to. I cannot say for certain that that is the podcast that mentioned HDTGM but it seems right.
  6. Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies: Based on a best selling novel, which was based on a classic peace of english literature, which was in turn based on the emotional and social consequences of being related to rich white trash. The book being mostly written by Jane Austin, an English lady who has been dead for over 200 years, is considered to be quite good by many. The movie which needlessly deveates from the book is bad, very bad. The action falls flat, added plot twists make little to no sense, the acting is cumbersome, and the story is rushed so that you build no empathy for the characters. Except for Matt Smith, who is intentionally brilliantly cringingly awkward. In addition to the finished product being half baked, it was also released years after the frenzy of the zombie fad had waned. It had a budget of 28 Million, was released 02-05-2016, is no longer in theaters as 03-08-2016, and made just over 14 million. How did this get made? Why did they wait so long? What the hell is Matt Smith doing in this film? Why is Mr. Darcy such a Dick in this movie? Did all of the budget go to costumes and zombie make up? Why did I pay to see this movie in the theater?