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  1. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 474 - Liquid Meal Spheres

    Really was hoping PFT would repeat technicality no down no over? in his Big Chunky Bubbles voice.
  2. It's kind of frightening how often Spont and CBB have similar references in the same week, even though the episodes were probably shot months apart.
  3. Maybe it was a mistake to listen to this in an oil change waiting room. I look like a crazy person.
  4. Also, last live Spont at Largo in January? I live on the east coast, but that still makes my heart hurt.
  5. KatieSatterfield

    Best of 2016 Pt. 1

    Can I nominate Scott's scream in response to "behinnnnd the paywalllllll" as my favorite moment of 2016. I must have hit the 15 seconds back button 20+ times.
  6. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 463 - 2016 Holiday Spectacular

    Here's a video!
  7. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 463 - 2016 Holiday Spectacular

    "It's top chef not top scallop". Only 8 minutes in, but I got so excited when Gino referenced fabio's quote from top chef.
  8. Oh boy, it was really bumming me out to hear them referring to Bill Clinton as the first gentleman. On a happier note, this was really funny, and perhaps my favorite improvisor-chat segment so far. Eatin' ain't cheatin'!
  9. Really great episode. So glad to have Colleen back, but with Craig and Matt, too? ALL STAR LINEUP.
  10. This improv was so funny! Also, Paul's cover songs show sounds amazing. Why do I live on the east coast again?
  11. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 453 - Unblocked and Unlocked

    What is Scott doing wearing a Hillary T-shirt?! We all know what a big Trump supporter he is.