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    August 29 - Astor Theatre, Perth, WA

    I will never tire of hearing them discuss The Devil Went Down to Georgia.
  2. KatieSatterfield

    EPISODE 355 — Kid Detectives

    Just dropping in to say that after almost 15 months of listening to the CBB backlog, I have made it back to this, the first episode I ever listened to, and am now COMPLETELY CURRENT on all of the eps. I figured I'd give this one a 2nd listen and I am, once again, unsuccessfully stifling bursts of laughter at work.
  3. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 2 - Kristin Chenoweth: My Shot

    Sweeney Todd is another favorite of mine.
  4. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 2 - Kristin Chenoweth: My Shot

    Not really similar to Hamilton at all, but I would recommend the 10th anniversary recording of Les Mis. It started my love for musicals
  5. "Because it is NOON." It slayed me how confidently he said that. Such a fun episode. I always get excited when I see Gary Anthony Williams in the description.
  6. I loved the repeated singing of Big yellow taxi in different voices ending with DONKEH
  7. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 438 - Hair Take It

    http://www.vox.com/2016/8/8/12389954/take-my-wife-show-seeso-episode-1-esposito-butcher First episode of Take My Wife available to watch for free, FYI. I quite enjoyed it!
  8. I was not familiar with Robyn, but he was a delight! I will have to look into his music.
  9. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 438 - Hair Take It

    Sweepy Spice and the ensuing off Mic laugh from PFT really got me. I loved this ep, and it was great to hear Al A. Peterson on CBB plain. Tickled/giggly Scott is always a treat.
  10. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 437 - Fart Face Fuckers 2

    I can't tell if you're being serious or not... But if he does say that a lot it's the first time I've noticed. And his reaction to saying it made me laugh a great deal.
  11. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 437 - Fart Face Fuckers 2

    "I'm Scott Aukerman, your wonderful host." I went back and listened to this part 7 times in a row and laughed each time like it was the first time I was hearing it.
  12. The monologues are always great, but this one had me laughing extra hard.
  13. I love how tickled everyone was by Nathan. Also, that bowtie is fantastic.
  14. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 433 - Government Pizza

    Is this one of Lauren Lapkus's fake ads? I wonder what made her promotional team think that her demographic and the comedy bang bang demographic would have ANY overlap.
  15. I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but am SOOOOO excited to see Mark Evan Jackson back. beenawhile
  16. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 430 - Man Veils

    I am making my way through the backlogs, and I recently listened to the episode where the plugs theme was just the beginning of the theme song from Friends on a loop. This one made me laugh almost as hard.
  17. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 430 - Man Veils

    I love the idea of the wage gap being due to men having bigger hands.
  18. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 66 - Hamilton on Broadway

    The Queen made me cackle.
  19. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 428 - Get Donk'd

    The train movie
  20. Gary Anthony Williams is so delightful.
  21. My guess is that Paul realized that being so far ahead of schedule might not be the best way to do the show (in terms of referencing current events and guests being able to promote stuff) and took a break from recording the studio eps for a while. That or he got busy with other stuff! This ep is a lot of fun.
  22. KatieSatterfield

    Thanks for the tour

    I second this! It was a blast!