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    Letterboxd Links

    I'll drop mine here as well: http://letterboxd.com/elmsplusplus/
  2. ElmsPlusPlus

    DBOX - Any Experience With It?

    I found it very interesting to hear in the The Blair Witch episode that the film makers are in involved in designing how the shaky DBOX seats work, as one of the things I've thought ever since I saw they were installed in my local cinema, was that it would just be some people somewhere who who decide when and how hard it shakes, that it's not something that was designed as part of the film. Simon Barrett's comments that they were involved makes me intrigued to actually try it for once. Has anyone else tried it before and have any opinions on it?
  3. ElmsPlusPlus


    I think this might be the first time where I have voted because of a films historical context, when I really didn't like the film at all. Blair Witch certainly has one of the best uses of found footage ever, but I just can't ever get interested in the characters, and none of the scares along the way I ever found to be particularly frightening, upon till ending, which is really great. I did love the mention during the discussion of other found footage films of The Last Broadcast, which I think is a superior film to Blair Witch, and it might have my favourite found footage conceit.
  4. ElmsPlusPlus

    Episode #89: BLAZING SADDLES

    Has to be a yes after seeing this for the first time, somehow it's just been one of those films that you know is meant to be amazing, but you never catch it. In regards to Devin asking what young people think, I didn't laugh out loud a whole bunch during it, but the power and the quality of the satire kept me gripped. It had the thing that I love most in satire where something happens and it is just so real you can only laugh to not feel depressed that the world is really like that.
  5. ElmsPlusPlus

    Episode #88: A HARD DAY'S NIGHT

    I have to say upfront that I'm really not a fan of the beatles. Just never got it, I don't know whether that's because I'm 24 and they don't seem as groundbreaking, but outside of a couple of songs (A Hard Days Night being one) I don't see what all the fuss is about. I then also need to say the first time I saw this film was about 8 years ago during an A-Level film studies class (that's qualifications you take right before university in the UK) and I really hated it. I saw nothing but some overrated musicians having a jolly. There was only one part I enjoyed, and that was Ringo laughing at his own joke However, after watching it for the first time since then for this, I might have done the hardest 180 on a film I ever had. I was swept up in the propulsiveness of their antics, and I laughed at a lot more than I ever did before. I certainly never appreciated the cinematography before, which is absolutely gorgeous. So it is a yes for me, but still not a beatles fan. And the scouse accent still makes my ears bleed.
  6. ElmsPlusPlus

    POLL: Is Devin a Racist?

    Since then, but unfortunately the racism here predates Devin, it's been our main export for hundreds of years.
  7. ElmsPlusPlus

    Carol vs Velvet Goldmine

    I thought Carol was the best film of last year (Fury Road a very close second) and it certainly got a lot of critical love to go with. But it was interesting to see Devin be cool towards it, and I think he said on twitter that he preferred Velvet Goldmine, so I think that would be an interesting discussion, especially if you could get David Ehrlich to guest, as I don't think you could do an episode on Carol without the leader of #TeamCarol
  8. ElmsPlusPlus

    TV Movies

    Thats a good choice, there's quite a lot of high quality TV movies that get put on here in the UK, Boy A with Peter Mullan and Andrew Garfield was another great one. BHC raises a question, would it still count as a tv movie for the basis of this if it had a theatrical release in other countries? It had a releases in cinemas here in the UK around the time of it's airing in america.
  9. ElmsPlusPlus

    Suggestion: Michael Haneke

    I really like Funny Games, but I would put Cache, The White Ribben or Amour up to vote before it. Amour is probably the most devastating film I've ever seen, I don't think any film has given such an emotional response in the cinema before.
  10. ElmsPlusPlus

    Episode 68 - Antichrist (w/ Michael Lerman)

    I have to say this is a definite yes for me. This is a a film that has stuck with me every since I saw it when I first got the DVD when it came out. It was then interesting watching the film again, and seeing just how well it held up. One of the interesting things in the discussion of the episode that I've always thought about the film, is that it has very shocking moments, that are definitely there to be deliberately provocative, but they also do have a context within the film, which often the shocking elements of films do not. I really don't know what it says about me that Melancholia left me cold (despite how visually stunning it look, the start and end sequences are stunning on a big screen), but I am a massive fan of Antichrist and Nymphomaniac. I think Von Trier is best when he is being a provocateur, as he is able to build great films, from a place of deliberate provocation. If there is an episode on THE CELEBRATION, I think it would be interesting to do it as a versus with the the second dogme 95 film THE IDIOTS. Since dogme 95 was started by Vinterberg and Von Trier, their inaugural films of the movement should be pitted against each other.