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    I voted for Some Like it Hot, because I can see it's influence on future films. The Farrelly brothers definitely borrowed from this movie. Both Dumb and Dumber and There's Something About Mary show this. Side note. Why would Devin block me on Twitter?
  2. RalphVarlese

    Episode 78: BOYZ N THE HOOD

    Yes, for historical reasons. While I did enjoy the movie, there are problems. I was actually Yes all around, until hearing Devin rip into it and John Singleton. I strongly agree with him, this time.
  3. RalphVarlese

    Episode 77: SEVEN

    How great would the ending be if Pepper Potts' head was in a box though?
  4. RalphVarlese

    Episode 77: SEVEN

    I assume it has to do with the way the bad guy uses the predicted actions of the jerks against them. Basically orchestrating the outcome.
  5. RalphVarlese

    Episode 77: SEVEN

    Yes, this is Fincher at the top of his game. However, I do not agree with Devin about the retirement thing. A few minutes later Lethal Weapon came up and in that series Danny Glover's character was about to retire and yet, it didn't end in his death.
  6. RalphVarlese

    Episode 76: MARATHON MAN

    While this is a pretty good movie I have to vote No. The "Is it safe" line was familiar to me, and I was happy to now know where it came from. However, I have to agree with Amy. This is not Canon worthy.
  7. RalphVarlese


    I have to say No. While the performances were great and it showed that all the actors had serious potential, the movie as a whole isn't all that impressive. I feel all the actors and even The director have had better movies.
  8. RalphVarlese

    Episode 73: THE LOST WEEKEND

    I was expecting a fun black out drunk time based on the title. Instead I got a depressing story about rock bottom that isn't really all that realistic and I don't feel the filmmaking was ground breaking at all.
  9. RalphVarlese


    I say No. This might actually be the best version of the Robin Hood story, but that story has been told sooooo my times. That and the obviously sped up fight scene at the end is really silly. It undercuts anything great in the film.
  10. RalphVarlese

    Episode 68 - Antichrist (w/ Michael Lerman)

    I Vote NO. The film is beautifully shot, but I feel the erratic nature of the style choices and the sheer grotesque imagery makes it hard to watch. Personally, I feel a CANON film should be appealing and have a degree of rewatchability. I was so disturbed by this film, I don't have a desire to ever see it again, but I am glad that I did watch it.