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  1. JonHillman

    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    Why are people still voting on this?
  2. JonHillman


    Oh shit, I didn't see that! Thanks!
  3. JonHillman


    Where did she say all of this?
  4. JonHillman


    Do we have any kind of date for the new episode? I still have a couple of the old ones saved on my phone, but they're not enough.
  5. JonHillman


    I just want to point out that it was alleged, but never proven, that he did this, unless there's been some new development that I haven't seen.
  6. JonHillman

    Knock Out Poll (Unofficial!)

    I will never understand you people who like Slacker. Not only is it not a good example of what it is, but I'd go so far as to call it a bad movie. It reminds me of a bad student film. Also, I'm getting tired of this "We need to kick this movie out because this similar movie is still in here" argument, and we need to stop it unless we're going to be consistent. No one's calling to kick out Goodfellas because The Godfather is also in the canon, even though their both gangster movies about people spiraling downwards and losing what makes them human. There can be more than one similar movie if they're both significant versions of whatever they are.
  7. JonHillman

    A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Don't you dare make me have to make that fucking decision. I won't do it, I tell ya! But yes, A Nightmare On Elm Street definitely deserves its own discussion.
  8. JonHillman

    M (1931)

    I feel that M is so great, and there's so much to talk about in it, that the time allotted for it in a vs episode couldn't do it justice.
  9. JonHillman

    Knock-Out Suggestions

    The number of people mentioning Re-Animator makes me sad.
  10. JonHillman

    Knock-Out Suggestions

    My suggestions are Slacker, Working Girl, or Pennies From Heaven.
  11. JonHillman

    Herschell Gordon Lewis Movie

    This may not be one of the first that comes to mind, but The Gore Gore Girls has always been my favorite.
  12. JonHillman

    Films Directed by Women

    I'd easily go for anything directed by Larisa Sheptiko, Agnes Varda, or Chantal Akerman. I'd also like to throw out there that the entire Slumber Party Massacre series was directed by women. Don't know if anyone would vote any of them in (other than me), but I do think that the fact that those all came from women could make an interesting discussion.
  13. JonHillman

    Episode #91: LABYRINTH

    Haven't gotten around to watching this to vote yet, but I just wanted to say that I appreciate Devin's mention of Sliders. It's always the first things I think of when I think of Jerry O'Connell.
  14. I surprisingly wasn't able to find a list already on letterboxd, so I made one in case anyone was interested. http://letterboxd.co...e-21st-century/ Edit: I just found several lists when looking at the bottoms of some of the films' pages. I swear, none of them showed up when I searched for it.
  15. JonHillman

    Episode #90: PENNIES FROM HEAVEN

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show made it in.