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  1. NRoberson86

    Episode 153 - Cry Uncle! (w/ Lloyd Kaufman)

    It's an easy no. Glad it was only an hour and a half, though it could've been half an hour.
  2. NRoberson86

    Homework - The Exorcist vs. The Exorcist III

    People I trust seem to praise Exorcist III. This podcast is doing what I like about it most: forcing me to get around to it.
  3. Not to step on our lovely moderator, but I saw on Twitter that this will be the live versus with Tom Lennon. It's streaming on Shudder, and available for rent from the usual places.
  4. NRoberson86

    Episode 150 - The Avengers (w/ Jenelle Riley)

    Reference was the wrong tern to use. I wrote that furtively at work. Guess I just meant recognition. Look, there's Bowman. He didn't join the Avengers until the 19-whatever. Ah yes, Robert Downey, Jr. You see, there was a time when Tony Stark was an alcoholic and... Oh, Nick Fury? You see in Ultimate Marvel they based him on Samuel L. Jackson... Oh that guy from the credits? That's Thanos... And so on. A 19+ film franchise based on having an idea of what happens next and giving you a tiny dopamine hit when you get it right. I'm 100% with Amy on this one. These movies are not special, and I think their success reveals a lot of problems with our society. That's a tangent from my original points, but yeah. Nostalgia is dangerous. Fantasies become dangerous when you project them onto reality. A combination of both? Yikes. And yeah, you could make the argument that Hey, these are for kids. Except that now when one of these fuckers comes out there's a petition drive to release the NC-17 version with deleted scenes that actually feature a dog dying. OK, I'm exaggerating. And I know, that's more of the DC brand. Regardless, men unwilling to let go of their childhood are what drive these movies to billion dollar box office returns. I say this as a total hypocrite who saw The Last Jedi six times.
  5. NRoberson86

    Episode 150 - The Avengers (w/ Jenelle Riley)

    The Marvel movies are worse for this one, as it introduced the annoying smarmy Joss Wheadon dialogue into an already awful stake-less franchise. Yeah, I'm no fan of these movies. I get that they're huge. I get that they're in the culture. Yet, everything people hate about Ready Player One is also present in the Marvel films. They're entirely predicated on a comic book geek going to the movie, recognizing things the movie references, and then feeling smug superiority in explaining these things to people who stopped listening five minutes ago. Congratulations! You got the reference! The Canon is about cinema, and Marvel movies are anti-cinema. They're all about satisfying expectations and playing it safe. A hard and firm no from me. Keep this dreck out.
  6. NRoberson86

    Episode 149 - Boomerang (w/ Marc Bernardin)

    Forgot to say what others are already hitting on: there are better Eddie Murphy candidates.
  7. NRoberson86

    Episode 149 - Boomerang (w/ Marc Bernardin)

    I agree with most of Amy's reasoning on the podcast: this movie is incredibly bonkers with some good, fun scenes sprinkled in. Also, so much of this seemed to be Eddie Murphy wrestling with his personal demons. A fascinating film to watch, but definitely not canon-worthy. Also, fun trivia nugget on the cast not mentioned: this film also features two James Bond secondary villains (henchpeople?) with Geoffrey Holder and Grace Jones. Holder played Baron Samedi in Live and Let Die, and Jones was Mayday in A View to a Kill. These films are the bookends of Roger Moore's period as Bond. I should also take the time now to say that I love Grace Jones just being Grace Jones in this. My brother got to unexpectedly have a drink with her a few years ago at a pub in London--a coworker simply said, "Hey, want to grab a beer with my aunt?" Turns out that aunt was Grace Jones. He had only nice things to say about their brief meeting.
  8. NRoberson86

    Episode 148 - Point Break (w/ Andrew Barker)

    That could be. Been awhile here too. Regardless, I still think Bigelow would do best to try more things outside of the war/national security milleau.
  9. NRoberson86

    Episode 148 - Point Break (w/ Andrew Barker)

    It's the torture providing results that made me make that, admittedly, hyperbolic statement.
  10. NRoberson86

    Episode 148 - Point Break (w/ Andrew Barker)

    In terms of a fun action movie with great visuals, Point Break delivers in spades. It really did have a huge part to play in defining the action genre for the decade to come. However, there is one category that disqualifies it from the canon: performances. I'm not looking for earth-shattering acting in my action movies, but Keanu is dreadful in this. Directors had yet to realize that he works only for certain roles with very limited dialogue. We all love John Wick for this precision. John C. McGinley is also too over the top in this, putting way too much sauce on the asshole chief archetype. As for Bigelow, like Amy I want to see her masterpiece. Post-Hurt Locker, I fear though that she's become the War on Terror's Leni Riefenstahl. Detroit was a messy and failed attempt at shedding this image, and I worry that its failure will have her return to the jingoistic well.
  11. NRoberson86

    Episode 147 - The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (w/ Jen Yamato)

    Already voting yes as I press play on the episode. Edit: Now having finished the episode, I have to say: Amy, your suspicions are correct. You are a space alien. Loving The Greatest Showman and not swooning over The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is all the proof I need.
  12. NRoberson86

    Episode 145 - The Lost Boys (w/ Dallas Sonnier)

    I'm late to the party, but yeah, this movie is garbage like The Goonies. I once had an exhausting weed dealer who loved this movie and GnR--in 2007, approaching age 35. It seemed appropriate for him then, and still does now.
  13. NRoberson86

    Episode 144 - Fat Girl (w/ Ruben Östlund)

    I'm glad I watched this. I appreciated the insight into the life and development of young women. The ending did shock me. That said, I've been drifting to the preference of a more narrow Canon lately. It's another very good but not great nominee for me. I'm a soft no.
  14. NRoberson86

    Episode 138 - Harold and Maude vs. Being There

    As a Florida boy turned New Yorker, I've come to really appreciate the value of theaters and the theatrical experience. My Museum of the Moving Image membership has been a treasure the past few years, and proximity to all their wonderful screenings will be highly factored in to my next apartment hunt. This episode stressed the importance of the theatrical experience even more. Like Amy, I'm a latecomer to Harold and Maude. I watched it on DVD last year. I'm also a latecomer to Being There. I watched a 35mm screening at the MoMI, also last year. I was left thinking of Harold and Maude as a movie not-so-deserving of its reputation. Perfectly enjoyable, but nothing truly spectacular. Being There however was a religious experience. Sure, the climate last year definitely influenced my perception of the film, but I was aghast when Amy and Nate said the laughs didn't play. The audience was getting such a kick out of Sellers. All the laughs were thunderous. I was in love with the two guys on a date behind me, one trying to laugh even harder to show how funny his favorite film was. It was infectious and electric. So my vote goes to Being There. See it in a cinema if you can. It holds up well, and it's a riot to boot. Also, as I told Amy on Twitter: I saw The Last Showman. She is 100% a space alien.
  15. NRoberson86

    Episode 137 - The Hustler (w/ David Scarpa)

    This is an easy yes. I got lucky, seeing a pristine 35mm print for my first round with this amazing film. It's never left me since. Every time I see a pool table in this bar I think back on those "eyes you can tell are blue in black-and-white," shining with a pretext of confidence that masks so much self-loathing.