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  1. Mistaken for Strangers and Dig are both so great!
  2. tim_k

    Suggestion: Black Swan vs. Whiplash

    I think this would be a great episode as well.
  3. tim_k


    This is an interesting read on the topic. Sorta goes along with the theory mentioned by Joel... http://polygraph.cool/bechdel/ "There’s this thing called the Bechdel Test. It measures just how male-dominated our beloved Netflix nights really are. To pass, films need to satisfy three requirements: #1 It has at least two women in it #2 Who talk to each other, about #3 Something besides a man It’s a low bar, but many good movies don’t pass. Birdman fails. Avatar fails. Fucking Toy Story fails. On bechdeltest.com, a site for crowdsourcing Bechdel Test results, about 40% of films don’t pass. It’s a sad state since women exist in life, like, half the time."
  4. tim_k

    Suggestion: Michael Haneke

    That was my thought...Funny Games being his most well known. I've always had a soft spot for Cache and The Piano Teacher. I have yet to see The White Ribbon and Armour.
  5. I'd almost like to see There Will Be Blood as a stand alone episode, and a Boogie Nights vs. Magnolia episode as well. If Ridley Scott can land in the canon twice, certianly there's room for the possibilty of two PTA films in there as well.
  6. I love both films but I've always been more partial to Life of Brian, mainly because of how they roast the New Testament so well. Agreed that this would be a great versus episode!
  7. tim_k


    They should both pick their favorite female coming of age film to face off.
  8. tim_k

    Suggestion: Psycho vs. Halloween

    not to veer this discussion off the rails, but in terms of a sequel to Nightmare on Elm Street, I've always thought the 3rd film, Dream Warriors was pretty decent.
  9. tim_k

    Suggest - Top Ten from years long gone.

    I think it's a great idea as well. The 2014 and 2015 round up episodes are some of my favorites. I enjoy hearing them talk about a variety of films in one go.
  10. tim_k

    Suggestion: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    12 Monkeys is my fav by him. Brazil is pretty wild as well.
  11. The Canon should tackle a Haneke film, and there's no shortage of great stuff of his to pull from. I'd love to see Funny Games get debated, especially the merits of the shot for shot 2007 remake.