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  1. What's that? Oh, your problem was with the bank robbery, not the good looks. That seems fair.
  2. Oh shit, everyone's Kashyyyk in on this
  3. Wait, are you saying you want to watch a movie called "Just Take Me Now, Lord"?
  4. Dr. Carter encounters pain, addiction, a tumultuous relationship with Abby and maybe one of those spitty dinosaurs, I dunno.
  5. My transmission blew in the heights and everyones rapping in bodegas, I don't feel safe.
  6. Muthafucka's ruthless as shit, tosses snitches into Lake Wobegon
  7. By these standards he's also still obligated to give consistent updates on the goings on of the Addams Family.
  8. Heynong Plugs By Matt Landry
  9. Pat Chaddams

    Hey Hey Heynong Plugs

    CBB Bump is right!
  10. Milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner... More drinks! You're in the beverage district, baby! I just wrote it again, but in here this time. What else am I supposed to do? Jeez, lay off!
  11. Pat Chaddams

    Hey Hey Heynong Plugs

    CBB Bump