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  1. JeffBurnett

    Submit your pick for The Canon's Ultimate Listener's Choice!

    Viable candidates -Spider-Man 2: I'm sure some will say Superman and The Avengers is enough superheroes for the Canon, but this is legit the best of the genre. (Also it's my favorite movie so I have to throw it in.) -Psycho: No Hitchcock yet! None! -The Incredibles: I know it's superheroes again, but the Canon is very light on animation, and this is one of Pixar's best. Maybe Toy Story is a better option for historical purposes. (Though Incredibles 2 makes both these films look super outdated to me now.) -Inglourious Basterds: I just really like it so much better than Pulp Fiction (the film I think most will say) and Reservoir Dogs (which is already in). -Scream: It revived the slasher genre! And it's super fun, but not talked about! Stretches, but I still love them -Zodiac: I know most love it, but it's still hardly been seen, so you can't make the historical argument that it launched this recent interest in true-crime. And there is more "exciting" Fincher films for people I think. -The Lego Movie: Again, not a lot of animation and this was a classic right out the gate. -GoldenEye: The first time 007 was successfully rebooted before Casino Royale. I know people let there feelings on the later Brosnan films and dated '90s stuff get to them, but I think this is a really well crafted movie with an actual good Bondgirl with her own story. It does a lot of things CR does. (Even though CR would do it better.) Also, I have a friend who adores animated films, and she suggests: -An American Tail -Anastasia -The Great Mouse Detective -All Dogs Go To Heaven Lastly, a fun verses I thought of the other day: Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story vs. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. I know that it won't be done, but it just sounded fun to me. The Canon could also use some comedy. I'm very excited about a new co-host. I miss the show sounding like lawyers intensely litigating.
  2. Do I have to rewatch Quantum of Solace for this episode, or can I wait two weeks? (Also, is next week's episode Austin Powers 2?)
  3. JeffBurnett

    Episode 077: The Spy Who Loved Me with James Bladon

    Maybe it's not the best idea to really like Elon Musk, Matt Mira.
  4. THANK YOU! I should've known. And I knew about his letterboxd list! If I had to guess, he probably stopped updating the it because you can't add a movie more than once.
  5. What's the theme song tune cover for the episode?!
  6. JeffBurnett

    Question for other listeners

    I'm sorry if this came off shady to the zero people who responded. I apparently accidentally deleted an old episode of the Canon (#60) from my iTunes (no idea how, since auto-delete is off) that I obviously can't redownload. It's my hope to find someone who does have it so they can email it to myself and the completist in me can rest easy. If anyone is willing to help, please let me know.
  7. JeffBurnett

    Question for other listeners

    Can anyone who has all episodes of the Canon on iTunes from before the paywall went up private message me? I have a question.
  8. I always figured it was Maria or Amanda Lund.
  9. JeffBurnett

    Homework - Back to the Future Trilogy (1985, 1989, 1990)

    I rewatched the films last year, and boy oh boy do I think PART III is waaaaaaaay better than PART II. But I don't think either are canon worthy. So I can wait to hear if there's arguments for.
  10. I also hate the dead son cliche, but in lesser films. When I see a new trailer for some gritty cop film directed by a nobody and starring Mark Wahlberg that screams "dead son," THAT'S when I groan. Cliches and tropes are cliches and tropes for a reason though. They can be used well if used by the right filmmaker. And avenging the dead son isn't even the point of the movie! In the Wahlberg version, the film would end with him finding the kidnapper and killing him. In the superior Spielberg/Cruise version, the victory is in moving on, starting a new life, and helping get justice for another destroyed family. Also, a film doesn't have to be one stagnant tone. It can ebb and flow into fun or scary scenes (look at Spider-Man 2), and still all work together. Just because a movie has varied tones doesn't mean it has "a tone problem."
  11. JeffBurnett


    What recent posts? It's been eating at me to know how he is. I'm glad you say he seems happy.
  12. JeffBurnett


    And there's no way Joanna Robinson would record with Devin. So that probably makes it more clearcut than ever Devin isn't back :/
  13. JeffBurnett

    Episode 96: THE BAD SEED

    I really did enjoy this movie, but I think I'll vote "no." The ending really took the bite out of things. And as Devin said, there's a whole genre of killer kid/teen movies who are the products of what's scary about their generation. I feel films like Scream or The Omen are better and more seminal films from this genre.
  14. JeffBurnett

    Knock-Out Suggestions

    Pennies From Heaven (sorry Amy ), Re-Animator, They Live, Reservoir Dogs, Animal House, and Clerks.
  15. JeffBurnett

    Episode #92: STAND BY ME

    Yes! The scene where Chris talks about the teacher's betrayal really makes the movie for me. Yes, the movie brings me warm memories of being that age with my three good friends from that time too (I was the Vern of our group :/), but it's that scene with Chris that I think is very important. Because unlike the movie, my childhood friends and I never went on a coming-of-age adventure (who does?), but we never even opened up to each other. We were never close on any emotional level. (I'm sure that's not uncommon.) To see kids I identify with have these emotional break throughs means a lot to me. I knew a Chris. Same mean older brother. Same situation of everyone shrugging him off as being from "that" family. I cry EVERY time Gordie narrates that Chris died. My Chris luckily hasn't, but he sure hasn't moved on past what people expected of him. If this movie were remade to take place today, or 30 years ago, it would probably be right to not cast Chris as white, right? And if no one's seen , I highly recommend it.