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  1. Sounds like... Oh my GOSH! No wonder I was having PTSD flashes! It's The Best Show from last week all over again!
  2. Any Andy will work at this point.
  3. So pumped for an Andy episode tomorrow! I'm sure Sean & Hayes have taken our comments to heart.
  4. Wow! 10/10 That's all I'm going to say for this week.
  5. The dream is, Andy Kneis and Andy Kindler. #2Andy'sonhollywoodhandbook
  6. I love your call in FLT! Short but had me laughing! And hearing Andy on The Best Show, made me realize I could use a another great intern Andy (not the same Andy K. but same first names) episode! http://hollywoodhandbook.wikia.com/wiki/Andy_Kneis
  7. FLT, and Andy were both on The Best Show last night! So great! Did I miss anyone else?! Sorry if I did.
  8. Hayes is on the Best Show... Now!
  9. AndrewGoll

    "Eh, Wrong!" theme song

    Love the small part with Engineer Brett! Awesome job hurtz!
  10. @aaaaa, A big baby! (sadly this is the best .gif I could find when I search "Big Baby", though I love the Adventure time reference)
  11. Its fine Jack Johnson P.I., jokes get out of hand all the time. Your still good in my book.
  12. That last comment kind of redacted all the nice things you said above... but, who am I to say.
  13. Can I request you do this episode on "podcasts are wonderful".
  14. Edit: as you can see Zsinjeh tried taking down MY giphy. Not today.
  15. I saw no trademark ZsinjehTrademark:Gollstone Inc. Bring your best.
  16. 'Haysy D and the Clem'Trademark: Gollstone inc. killed it this episode. And Best Show is having a surprise guest tonight! Could it be our boy Haysy? It would turn an amazing day into the best day!
  17. If there is no [redacted], then where have I been [redacted]ing?
  18. I don't know how you did it Jeffrey but you nailed it. What's your next prediction? And could you help me predicte my breakfast tomorrow, it's between eggs with ham, bagel with cream cheese, or skip entirely.
  19. Hoping for a "Adam Sachs, Our Bestest Friend Ever" episode soon.
  20. AndrewGoll

    A farewell message from Adam Sachs, that's me

    Adam, It is truly sad to hear that your stepping down, and I sincerely wish you the best. The content you directly and/or indirectly help create at Earwolf has personally helped me laugh though those rough patches in my life, like unemployment and family strife. I thank you for that, I only wish I could do more. And as a Handbook Head myself, I will send my thoughts and prayers to Sean and Hayes. I can only hope that your step down gives you more time to join S&H on the mic, as well as on the forums. Would love to see you there more often. Thanks, Andrew A. Goll
  21. Marry Hollywood Handbook Day Eve to everyone! Can't wait for the gifts that are about to come tomorrow!
  22. Post a picture of your D's, everyone!
  23. Happy Fathers Day! A picture of my D(dad) in honor of my D!